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  1. Thanks for the reply...had already gotten all the forms printed and ready to go for registering a home built vessel...saw a thread where a guy got his inspected by USCG and passed.....got me thinking about those type regs...sure enough there are pages upon pages of different flotation specs depending on the type boat you have....your answer was what I was expecting but thought I'd ask the question just in case to make allowances in my build.
  2. Did you have to submit to a Coast Guard flotation test???
  3. AT....great build.....what are those joints called on your coaming cap...never seen those before.....look real sharp...
  4. Your trailer looks well built...I will purchase one in the near future but have decided on a tandem axle not for weight but for additional security while towing.....I've watched many a Youtube on those "longtails".....appears they're designed for shallow water navigation. I did agonize over whether or not to notch around the frames since the plans don't indicate either way...I'd rather have the strength than looks anyway. My brother & I flipped the boat yesterday so we could clean up the tunnel and complete the transition from the bottom to the tunnel .....the plans don't address that either.....I'll probably spend the next two days fitting the skeg. GL on your build....
  5. Is there a minimum and/or maximum for this distance? Thanks
  6. Wow!! Wow!! Helluva a project! Work looks great...looks like you've thought everything out....GL
  7. Completed installation of keelson, sister keelsons & the tunnel. Probably expended more brain matter on the tunnel than anything else so far on the boat. I will put together a complete build thread when I get things organized....
  8. Great story......and thanks for the large font
  9. Thanks for the replies...gonna rethink things
  10. which bit would you suggest....
  11. Looking to size a prop for a 25HP inboard @ 3600 rpm...there are numerous sites out there for performing the calculations but this one appears to request the pertinent info VICTORIA PROPELLERSBased on the requested criteria...they suggest a 11.1" x 7" 3 blade propAny other considerations I should look at.....thanksWL 17.5' x 5.5'Displacement type hull..... 1,900 lbsGearing 1.45:1Draft 5"Speed 10 Knots
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