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  1. Gotcha. My wife is from Trinidad where Carib is headquartered. I can spot that logo a mile away. By far my favorite lager...but I will admit that I'm not much of a beer drinker anyway.
  2. Good luck on the build. Where'd you get the Carib sign?
  3. Some of the best professional builders I know use a notched trowel. Go for it.
  4. Thanks, John. We're off Porchers Bluff.
  5. I like the cost savings, and ease, of gassing the sole...and using teak for the covering boards. Whereabouts in MtP are you?
  6. Good decision with the 175s...and you'll likely love the fly-by-wire.
  7. Good enough... Best of luck to you. Jay Harkers Island
  8. That's a pretty big monster you're sitting beside. Who's shop are you in?
  9. Oyster, I don't think Buck ever had a "passive" opinion in his life...he got that from his mother...bless her heart.
  10. May our dear friend rest in eternal peace. In this picture, showing what is partly his handiwork, Buck is the guy without a hat standing on the wall furthest to the right.
  11. Saltwater Clousers Poppers ...Done...
  12. A little extra bracing on the front, and certainly along the rear of that top will go a long way towards it's durability.
  13. What will this boat weigh fully rigged? Not sure of the real need for brakes.
  14. To find "fine" fairing issues use a guide coat instead of heavy epoxy. If you just want to "shine" it up for a few minutes, turn on the water hose.
  15. You have already glassed & faired...why are you applying more epoxy now?
  16. What part of Charleston are you located? I'm in MtP.
  17. I think Lance sold his boat a good long time ago. Hopefully he'll clarify that if it isn't the case.
  18. If you dock or slip much, you'll miss the intermediates. Pack along plenty of poly bumpers...
  19. Russel, do you mind posting a couple interior shots of your boat? Throw in some exterior ones too if you like!
  20. Why did you choose to use the mat?
  21. I have to wonder why no intermediate bumpers?
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