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  1. Yes this boat will be on a electric boat lift behind my house and a custom cover will be made for it to keep it dry and clean. When on the lift I will be able to keep the centerboard painted and in good shape because I will be able to lower it and go under the boat with my Kayak to paint it and the rest of the bottom as it gets scuffed over time. Yes the 24" would be good but many say it nice to have a longer discharge hose like is on the 36" model. 72" long discharge. We will go with something. Plus have the hand bailer.
  2. Thanks for the info. I don't like cutting more holes in the boat to leak. The big orange scoop I would use and Im still going to look for a hand or foot pump too. King Innovation 48072 King 36" x 72" Hand Pump Siphon, 72 inch, Red looks good to me.
  3. I have the one drain hole in center of the floor that could drain out water when on land. Has anyone ever installed a bilge pump our just use a hand pump or foot pump. Foot pump could be used even while sailing which would nice. Any products out there I should look at? We get showers here in Florida west coast winter out summer.
  4. Hope to get mine sailing in near future. Pine Island Fla.
  5. The man that this CS17 opt to have the bow open for easier stepping of the mast and it does make it easy. Im thinking of cutting some ripstop or sunbrella in triangle shape to fit the Bow. I thought sewing some bungee rope along the edge and use some round circle hooks that the rope at a few spots would be exposed so you can hook it along the splash guard and the divider wall. That would keep any spashing and rain from coming into the bow. There is a drain hole through that wall so the water can get out to the center of the boat drain. I will have a custom cover made for the whole boat when on my Fun Deck which is a lifting deck I can walk around the boat.
  6. I dug all the rotten wood out and just hit it with the penetrating to seal the good wood. I thought the fix wood could be used in a project like this. What type of solid wood be good to use for this and how to install the wood after I cut it to shape. Epoxy it in and with stainless screws to anchor it. I guess I would run screws all the way through it to anchor it to the the good wood. I would drill it so not to split the wood. Hmmm I thought this Fixwood from Total Boat epoxy putty would do the job and be strong if I gave it something to anchor to. Has anyone used the Fixwood from Total Boat???????????????????
  7. Now I plan to use Fixwood to fill the area back in and sand etc to make it blend in with the edge. My question is would it be a good idea to put three or four screws across the back edge to give the Fixwood something to grab onto? It's smooth now with the epoxy on it. They don't have to be long screws maybe 1 inch stainless. Anyone use Fixwood from Total Boat. The is a Core Sound 17 and has a bad spot just out under the edge of the splash rail. What do you think guys?
  8. Thanks for all the photos. I plan to use the tent and umbrella idea too for camping on my new CS-17. The umbrellas have side windows too to let the air flow through. They would nice to get out of the sun aswell. I found them on the net and are not high priced.
  9. This will be nice to watch over time and I'm sure people will use it.
  10. Yes I have seen the Unbrella idea and might go that way for camping or just to get out of the sun for a bit. Ive seen a small pop up tent too for camping. I will be camping and exploring the southwest coast of Florida when I get this boat going. No one has come up with one for the stern of the boat like I have seen on SeaPeal 21 boats.
  11. I also have the Honda 2.5hp that came with the boat so I guess I could take that along too for backup. But it would take up a little room. I do like the idea of the electric with low noise. Will see what I do this summer. I noticed looking at the socket base for the mizzen on this boat is seems to be tilted back just a little. Im not sure if that is normal for the build or when in the water it will look a little different.
  12. Im going to have two Deck Lifts installed for the sailboat and for Kayak and could be used for other boats aswell in the future. https://decoboatlift.com/gallery/deck-lifts/ It will make it real easy to use the boats and kayaks and clean them etc.
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