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  1. I looking to design, have designed, build, buy or restore a boat. The goal is a ultra efficient boat I can fish off. Some requirements... Long and narrow (28-38ft long 50"-72" beam) 40-50hp inboard diesel Shallow draft (tunnel stern / box keel) These are my requirements. I have my reasons. If your suggestion is to go wider or go with more power, or that outboards are easier. I have heard these and I appreciate the suggestion, but this is what I want, even if it is a total failure. Some designs that I have seen that are close are; Atkins Rescue Minor, Atkins Sergeant Faunce, Robbe Berkings "9m Commuter", Lou Codega's 34 Concept, and Pogo 32 Loxo. I believe Phil Bolger and Nigel Irens also had some designs that are close. I'm looking for any other designs that I haven't seen yet. Also I'm intersted in any next steps anyone might be willing to offer. I'm trying to be very budget minded with this project, which is why I would rather buy a used boat. Where do I post a wanted ad? If I had to build, who should I contact to design, keeping cost in mind? Epoxy / Plywood or Aluminum for a proof of concept?
  2. Anyone in Annapolis. Just moved there; probably going to be living in a apartment. I want to do a Ocracoke 20 build this winter and I need a place to do it. Anyone have any ideas? Ideally I would like to rent a 25ftx25ft space and build along side someone else.
  3. Looking Good! First step is the hardest.
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