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Action Tiger builds sailboat. With epoxy!

Action Tiger

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I started drawing on paper again, but I used up my pencils. Coincidentally, the family had to renew the cell plan thing, and got a credit for a new device, which nobody wanted.

So, wife and daughter decided to get a pad and “pencil” for me, so I can finally draw on the computer. It is literally a pencil shaped stylus that I rub on the glass face of a tablet device. The program (an Autodesk product) simulates pens (quill, rollerball, ball point, felt tip, etc) pencils (mechanical, colored, various hardness “leads”, etc) paint brushes, airbrushes, etc. etc.

And the color is infinitely variable and selectable on a color wheel.


I can literally draw with the pencil on the glass like paper, but I can zoom in and out, erase, delete, and...

Well, that’s as far as I’ve gotten, as I don’t need any of the wizbang stuff on the program.

It’s been fun drawing again, though.





P.S. On of the real paper drawings


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Action Tiger,

I’ve been reading through your thread over a couple days.  I’ve enjoyed the banter, appreciated your many talents and skills, learned some new things, wondered about taking on some new interests, respected your accomplishments, acknowledged the life struggles and resilience, admired your capacities to try things, and more. 
Thank you for your willingness to share. 

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