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Hall and Brown 12" jointer restoration

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Just finished.... well finished the restoration, still working on powering it, a 1910(??) Hall and Brown 12" jointer. 44 hours labor so far. Looking for a vintage motor to power it. And yet it will be a user! it's not going to be a display.





Details and more photos on my web site.

Excelsior Woodworks


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Yup I knew that Charlie. I asked you some questions about your factory fence when I restored my '48 Unisaw a year or so ago. Found a set of NOS long rails, rebuilt the original fence. Partly because of your comments about the fence. Never regretted that choice either.

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That tool would certainly give me and excuse to add onto the shop. ;)  That is a sweet looking machine. :)

I still use my grandfather's 1946 8" Delta saw and the matching 1947 4" jointer, though I wish the jointer were larger.  The fence on the table saw is kinda flimsy looking, but it has been dead on accurate since the day I put it back together.

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OK thought I would show updated photos.  I have the jointer finished and been using it for a couple of weeks. MAN, I love this thing! Nothing like being able to put a whole board across the jointer and being able to see the grain before I start cutting it up.





77 hours labor and not much money latter it is running.  The motor was a give-me. Don't know anything about it. No data plate so we don't horsepower. Guessing it was built in the 1910-1920's. It was on a 24" jointer so I knew it would drive a 12" jointer.  Motor looked like heck when I got.  So it had to be restored but it ran perfectly. So no repairs were made to it. I probably spend 8 hour restoring it. Thats not counted in the 77.

These photos show the temporary electicals sitting on the floor. I finally found the correct cover for the controls. So that will all be mounted out of sight now.  Plus I am looking for a more elegant return spring on my guard.  ;) It works, but I want something that looks better than that. I consider this proof of concept since these didn't have guards originally.

I have run a lot of walnut across it in the past couple of weeks. Mostly face jointing but some edge jointing. I love listening to the flat belt lacing's clicking.  ;D  But the old square  head makes some noise beating the air. Sounds like a wanna be siren. Longest restoration I have taken on but it was worth it. Already wondering how I got by without a big jointer!


More on my website if your interested.


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