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Weekend Sail with Mo

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Last weekend I teamed up with some sailing friends and spent a very pleasant two days sailing to and then camping on Power Island, in Grand Traverse Bay. (Don't let the secret out, but this may be the best camping spot in the area.) My Catspaw 8 ("Mo Bear") followed happily behind my Cape Dory Typhoon and ably transported way too much gear from the boat to the island. When we got back to Elmwood Township Marina on Sunday there were three people launching a Core Sound 20. I was too busy unloading to say hello, so I hope they had a good sail.



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I was there too! My buddy Eric (his Wayfarer is in the photo above) met up with you and your friend and Andy and his son and another fellow with a Wayfarer whose name I forget. That camping trip was the inspiration for this year's adventure. Hopefully we can make it a yearly thing.

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No, it wasn't me.


Ben, I forgot your name!  I remember your boat and Eric Seefeld but couldn't place your name.  I had the Sea Pearl 21 and a kid along with me.


I'd be interested in the Core Sound 20 owner.  I just bought one and I am getting it ready, but it hasn't been in the water here yet.


Keep in touch, we are looking at maybe another get together soon.  We were going to time it around the MHA race to Power Island but they shut that down recently.


The man in the Wayfarer who has been organizing things is Mark Wisdom.  If you want to be added to a group email, please send an email to blodgett.andy@gmail.com and I'll put you in touch with the rest.


Andy Blodgett

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