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the weakest link?

Randy Jones

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I'm in the process of setting up new masts, sail track, sails, reefing etc for my CS17 mk 1 and I started to wonder which components or attachments are, or should be the weakest link.   I'm guessing many of us have looked at a rig in heavy weather and wondered what was gonna give away first.    

Lines, blocks, sheets and attachments are all stout so I suspect the sprit boom, sail lugs, or crew are my weak links.  No plans to test to failure. Just wondering if any of you have already worked thru the story problem.  

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No failures yet.  
i did need to make a new main sprit as it was too short for my sail.  Much better now,and can point well. 

had some issues with the mizzen sheet hanging up on the motor.  Now have a Honda 2.5, no issues.  

keep an eye on the keel/centerboard for chipping, trailer damage.  

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Nothing has broken on my CS20 Mk 1. Things that I have stressed the most are the masts and the mizzenmast sprit and rigging.


The masts were stressed when sailing with full roach sails, unreefed, in 20 knot winds with four adults aboard to hold down the weather side. Lots of bend to the aluminum masts.


The mizzen when jibing. The mainsail jibes first and gently because it is shielded by the mizzen. In strong winds the mizzen will really pop across if not sheeted in, something I don’t always do. Again, no damage.


An example of operator error. I tie the centerboard up with a safety line when trailering. I forgot to do it on one occasion and ended up dragging the board a short way, putting a little extra rounded edge on the front corner of the board. The regular line that holds the board up did not hold. Maybe that is a weak link, but still my error.



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