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  1. Add a backing block behind it, then screw and glue it. If you have any 3/8 marine ply left that would be perfect. If not, use some3/4" fir.
  2. Same here in MA. I have personal liability and property damage as a rider on my home owners policy. My boat lives on the trailer and is covered as it us under25’ . my homeowner’s policy is ridiculously expensive though. (10K named storm deductible), but I digress. Glad it includes this add-on.
  3. I was in Ashland up until 2 years ago. For Narragansett launches, Haines Park in East Providence is great, Bristol boat ramp, Newport. Don't overlook Boston Harbor, and Salem, MA. There are a couple of great ramps in Quincy/Weymouth that give you access to the Harbor. For a local launch, Wallum State Park will give you plenty of running room for a nice sail.
  4. I have both a Tohatsu 3.5, and Honda 2.5 to power my CS17. I love the Honda, 20" shaft. 25 would be better for my waters, but the motor is solid. But, loud. The 3.5 Tohatsu was a bit finicky and I relegated it to the back up pile. It would fail to start at the most inopportune time, usually with guests aboard. I believe the motor suffered from oil lock up when heeled in the upright position. I discovered that with both motors, If I moved them storage side down when in the upright position, they would both fire right up when needed. I discovered that the newer small motors are now being made to not be so sensitive to up side, and down side while in transit. A huge bonus. That said, yes a Torquedo would be awesome. No gas to spill.
  5. Blessings on you and your family. may you not have to encounter too many leaky bottoms.
  6. I enjoyed reading your building log. my CS 17 is a wonderful boat, but am strongly considering the 20 with ballast for sailing in my home waters of Nantucket Sound. any more sailing reports? Prior to your sale.
  7. I have the same motor, same problem. I now turn my motor to it’s side when up and not in use. No problems since. I believe it’s the nature of a 4 cycle small engine being im0ac6ed by the heeling when sailing. The oil is running into the cylinder.
  8. My son gifted me a spare 40lb thrust electric motor (similar to a Minolta). I tried it on my Core Sound 17 for giggles. Pleased to report 2.5 it’s at WOT for a couple of hours. So that would be moving about 600lbs of boat, skipper, and gear. Fun for a bit. But, would opt larger for more critical use. will stick with my Honda 2.5. FYI I put it up, then tilt all so that the correct side if the motor for storage is facing up. Starts first pull.
  9. No failures yet. i did need to make a new main sprit as it was too short for my sail. Much better now,and can point well. had some issues with the mizzen sheet hanging up on the motor. Now have a Honda 2.5, no issues. keep an eye on the keel/centerboard for chipping, trailer damage.
  10. Do you have photos to share, or a website I can peruse? Have you tried raising and lowering the masts at sea? I am due for a mooring in the local pond within walking distance to my house, but the bridge has 11 foot clearance, past that is open ocean that can be particularly choppy. No calm spot to pull into temporarily. Currently, we trailer to the ramp, launch, then complete the rigging on a vacant mooring or sandbar with the CS 17.
  11. Sorry that I have not been a more active participant in this forum since the launch of Cs17 357. Retirement, moving, and a refocus of life priorities limited my contact with the group. (Also moved from PC to iPad and forgot my password, but enough. I thoroughly enjoy my CS 17, but the new cruising area is very choppy in a prevailing SW breeze against a 2k ebb tide. Yesterdays sail 11mile sail with 4 adults aboard for three hours was a blast. However, returning to port proved to be a dowsing of sea water. In control 100% of the time with 1 reef tied in and just flying across Vineyard Sound. Smiles and laughter all around for 3 hours. These are incredible boats. so now the big question. Who has completed a CS 20 mk iii? Seems to fit the bill. Will fit 5 adults, more stable under foot, tabernacles (my bay has a low bridge). Easy to rig, forgiving. A bit drier. Opinions are like belly buttons, have at it. Photo galleries of completed boats? Inquiring minds need to know.
  12. Yes, I need to see where I’m going. Lots of big traffic between the Vineyard and East Falmouth.
  13. I purchased one at harbor freight that had two long handles and a nozzle, plus a bottle that catches the Waste portion. It was the only way I could install the stainless rivets.
  14. After recovering my lost password, nice to be back. I tried the jiffy reefing setup, but have now gone back to moving the sprit up to the next clew loop. With crew, no problem and easier to explain. I always rig with a reefing hook on the next tack hole up before setting up. Dip the sail, ease the snotter, move the sprit, pull the new tack line, then re-raise and tension snotter. we found the less line hanging around the better for crew. Every line is color coded for the uninitiated. I added a tensioned ring to each boom To retain the clew on the sprit when the snotter is eased. Photos later. This worked well in today’s sail. Needed to reef when the wind went from 3kts to 18 in the course 0f an hour. Highly localized conditions..
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