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  1. check out Alan’s video of glassing his 20 mk III build. exactly as you said, one to pour, one to spread. Find a friend who enjoys getting messy. provide beer afterwards .
  2. went out into Nantucket Sound yesterday with the masts down (bridge) and the 3.5 upgrade Tohatsu. 6kts, at 3/4 throttle. went about a mile on a half cup of fuel. so, figure 4 miles of range with the internal tank. only using ethanol free from now on. The inly issue is occasional cavitation due to the pitch and yaw of the unballasted boat in a 2’ chop with frequent encounters with wake thrown by 30’ inboard cruisers. no issues. I would do it again, it is easier than pulling the boat onto the trailer and travelling by land to the bridge free ramp.
  3. yes. that rivet tool pictured is similar to the one used for my cs17 track. you need the two handed leverage to break off those rivets.
  4. my problems with the 3.5 Tohatsu have been resolved. There was a clogged and crimped fuel filter in the main line from the tank to the shut off. the filter is part of the fuel shut off assembly. replaced, runs awesome. How the retail seller, and local boatyard missed this defies logic. Moral of the story, know your boat systems, and be prepared to maintain them . The fuel filter sits inside the fuel line and is not visible. I also removed the EPA plugs and adjusted the low speed jet. Wow. This motor will get me to the Vineyard now. (rather sail, but one never knows when the current moves as quick as it does here.)
  5. thank you. definitely short shaft. but, it does not look too difficult to modify for long shaft now that I see the transom hole. Was out in Nantucket sound today and found the motor working well in the swell, but occasionally experiencing cavitation while motoring to an adjacent harbor to step my masts (I live upstream from a 10’ vertical clearance bridge.
  6. It appears as if the well is on centerline. to go longshaft to fit my engine, I would need to set it to the port side to allow for a transom cutout. Or, move the bracket forward 5-6", if it did not interfere with the compartment forward of the motor mount. I suppose another option would be to purchase the motor parts for the short shaft (water intake tube, etc., and convert the 20" to a 15". I did that in reverse on an old Johnson 4 years ago.
  7. did motor well too? this is very intriguing. looked like Alan used the short shaft Tohatsu 3.5, is the well suitable for short, or long shaft?
  8. Still loving my CS17, and sail it several days a week. Now getting the itch, and scratch to build again. This time. CS 20 MK III. I read somewhere about new updates: i.e. Motorwell, bow sprit, back stays? can someone point me in the right direction. i live north of a 10’ bridge so tabernacles are a must, and keeping the prop in the water while ditching into the adjacent cove to rig and de-rig is essential. water ballast on Nantucket Sound solves a plethora of concerns.
  9. great idea using aSUP paddle. may try this on my 17.
  10. To do bottom maintenance on my CS 17, I launch it at the beach in about a foot of water. Then, tip her over with a little weight on the masts. I then can patch dings on the keel and Centerboard, and spend a nice afternoon sitting on the sand waiting for the epoxy to harden. A case of beer, radio with a ballgame on, a sandwich or two, some good company, and we've got a great day on the water. By evening, sail back to the launch with a smile and sunburn on my face. I do have a boat lift from Brownell as well for off season work. It was pricey, but I use it a few times a year to maintain the "fleet".
  11. Thanks. That really looks cool. The Vineyard is 4 nautical miles south of us, straight shot. So a cabin is not essential. Self-Righting, well heck yes. We have had some wild rides in the CS17, came close to capsizing once on a hat rescue. Fortunately, those sails can be let ALL the way out. Yes, ideally the boat should do the following: = allow room enough for 4 strangers, 6 family to tell tall stories, get soaked, grab a beverage on a distant shore, then dash for home. A porta potti would be nice too. = allow a 65 year old man who loves to sail the opportunity to get the boat from his harbor, under the bridge, then off on a ride for several hours before returning under said bridge. 10' clearance. perhaps a tilting mount, then raise to full. not a full on deck thing. = be safe enough not to turn turtle unexpectedly, giving the skipper and trusty crew time to sort things out, swallow our pride, and get back underway. OB 22 may be in order. but the fuel thing...
  12. I apologize for my absence from the forum in recent years. A move to Cape Cod, coupled with no actual boatbuilding apart from a ubiquitous flat bottomed skiff to keep at the landing, has kept me off the bulletin board. Here's the question. If I am to continue sailing, I need to build a sailboat with an easily managed mast in a tabernacle that can be raised by one person, in a moderate seaway, as there is a 10' clearance bridge between myself and Nantucket Sound. How difficult would it be to push the main mast into position on a CS 20 MKIII, or bring it back to deck at the end of the day prior to coming home. I have seen trimarans do this with the aid of a gin pole, but they have a foredeck to work from. Perhaps some kind of permanent gin pole that would serve as a whisker pole for a drifter. Lord forbid, add a couple of stays to assist. Thoughts. My CS 17 is still going strong, but the family has grown in size. It is time for the boat to grow with it.
  13. Add a backing block behind it, then screw and glue it. If you have any 3/8 marine ply left that would be perfect. If not, use some3/4" fir.
  14. Same here in MA. I have personal liability and property damage as a rider on my home owners policy. My boat lives on the trailer and is covered as it us under25’ . my homeowner’s policy is ridiculously expensive though. (10K named storm deductible), but I digress. Glad it includes this add-on.
  15. I was in Ashland up until 2 years ago. For Narragansett launches, Haines Park in East Providence is great, Bristol boat ramp, Newport. Don't overlook Boston Harbor, and Salem, MA. There are a couple of great ramps in Quincy/Weymouth that give you access to the Harbor. For a local launch, Wallum State Park will give you plenty of running room for a nice sail.
  16. I have both a Tohatsu 3.5, and Honda 2.5 to power my CS17. I love the Honda, 20" shaft. 25 would be better for my waters, but the motor is solid. But, loud. The 3.5 Tohatsu was a bit finicky and I relegated it to the back up pile. It would fail to start at the most inopportune time, usually with guests aboard. I believe the motor suffered from oil lock up when heeled in the upright position. I discovered that with both motors, If I moved them storage side down when in the upright position, they would both fire right up when needed. I discovered that the newer small motors are now being made to not be so sensitive to up side, and down side while in transit. A huge bonus. That said, yes a Torquedo would be awesome. No gas to spill.
  17. Blessings on you and your family. may you not have to encounter too many leaky bottoms.
  18. I enjoyed reading your building log. my CS 17 is a wonderful boat, but am strongly considering the 20 with ballast for sailing in my home waters of Nantucket Sound. any more sailing reports? Prior to your sale.
  19. I have the same motor, same problem. I now turn my motor to it’s side when up and not in use. No problems since. I believe it’s the nature of a 4 cycle small engine being im0ac6ed by the heeling when sailing. The oil is running into the cylinder.
  20. My son gifted me a spare 40lb thrust electric motor (similar to a Minolta). I tried it on my Core Sound 17 for giggles. Pleased to report 2.5 it’s at WOT for a couple of hours. So that would be moving about 600lbs of boat, skipper, and gear. Fun for a bit. But, would opt larger for more critical use. will stick with my Honda 2.5. FYI I put it up, then tilt all so that the correct side if the motor for storage is facing up. Starts first pull.
  21. No failures yet. i did need to make a new main sprit as it was too short for my sail. Much better now,and can point well. had some issues with the mizzen sheet hanging up on the motor. Now have a Honda 2.5, no issues. keep an eye on the keel/centerboard for chipping, trailer damage.
  22. Do you have photos to share, or a website I can peruse? Have you tried raising and lowering the masts at sea? I am due for a mooring in the local pond within walking distance to my house, but the bridge has 11 foot clearance, past that is open ocean that can be particularly choppy. No calm spot to pull into temporarily. Currently, we trailer to the ramp, launch, then complete the rigging on a vacant mooring or sandbar with the CS 17.
  23. Sorry that I have not been a more active participant in this forum since the launch of Cs17 357. Retirement, moving, and a refocus of life priorities limited my contact with the group. (Also moved from PC to iPad and forgot my password, but enough. I thoroughly enjoy my CS 17, but the new cruising area is very choppy in a prevailing SW breeze against a 2k ebb tide. Yesterdays sail 11mile sail with 4 adults aboard for three hours was a blast. However, returning to port proved to be a dowsing of sea water. In control 100% of the time with 1 reef tied in and just flying across Vineyard Sound. Smiles and laughter all around for 3 hours. These are incredible boats. so now the big question. Who has completed a CS 20 mk iii? Seems to fit the bill. Will fit 5 adults, more stable under foot, tabernacles (my bay has a low bridge). Easy to rig, forgiving. A bit drier. Opinions are like belly buttons, have at it. Photo galleries of completed boats? Inquiring minds need to know.
  24. Yes, I need to see where I’m going. Lots of big traffic between the Vineyard and East Falmouth.
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