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Repair of fractured hull panel

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Build of hull #24

ok this one is on me while working on gluing down the bunk tops some time ago I knocked a weight down thru the forward storage locker open hatch at the time I didn’t think much of it, but when I flipped the boat I discovered this fracture at the bow.  I did look to see if there was any damage at the time but it didn’t feel bad.Now that this is the result. I ground out the damaged area as seen in the photos down to the last ply on the inside of the panel. Cutting glass patches progressively larger till I had enough to build the thickness back out. I know it won’t be perfect but it will not compromise the integrity of that panel. Do to the fact that this repair is on a contour I could put weight on it so I decided to bag it,the pictures show the steps involved, if anyone has a different idea I would like to here from you.
















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Hi Mark , when I was building my CS20.3 I fell from the bridge deck into the cabin floor and my left knee made a remarkably similar “defect”. I fixed it about like you did and it is totally invisible and maybe ev n stronger ( not that I want to do it again)

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Long long time ago in a galaxy far far away I bought a starter kit from a company called CST and I think they are located in Tehachapi California but you can make up your own,  to stick the bag down you can use the butyl tape used for bedding hardware the bag was just a piece of painters drop cloth the white looking stuff is bleeder cloth this allows even draw down of the bag you can use thin quilt batting  and the hose is 1/4” vacuum hose you also need to put down peel ply you can use taffeta the stuff I had is Teflon coated  and of course you need a vacuum pump the one I used came with the kit and it’s like a fish air pump in reverse  But an air conditioning vacuum pump is best if you are going to bigger bags that might need two or more ports. I hope this is what you need



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Looking this over makes me feel o inadequate. When i fractured a panel I just injected glue into it, and clamped it under plastic with a lot of weight. Luckily it was still flat. I marked it and after assembly I laid some glass on the inside.  I'm guessing none of this was an otion for you that far along. It's these challenges that are the most memorable when it's all over.

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this is just one of the dumb things I did in the build, using vacuum bagging at this part of the hull was not an option. Due to to contour I saw no other way to fix it. I will post a picture of my earliest disasters when the boat was just being wired together I forgot how far the back of the boat overhung the cradle put my foot thru the hull and ripped the plywood about 2’ right along the chine and I did what you did   But I sandwiched it between two boards screwed together laid cloth on the inside and with the hull glassed it will be stronger than the wood itself









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Build of hull #24

i have been working on getting paint on the hull this past weeks filled the glass with high fill epoxy primer block sanded then gave two coats of top side primer block sanded again, by the way do not use 80 grit paper it’s too course and the marks will come thru the color coat. At least it did on my paint. Shot 3 coats of color on the bottom after this cures I do the same on the other half of the hull.










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