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topping lift for cs17 ?

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I see some CS 17's have installed topping lifts to hold up the aft end of each sprit.  I assume this is mostly for getting the sprits off the bottom of the boat during storage?  Are there any sailing benefits of the topping lift?



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Here is a recent discussion on topping lifts. It was asked about them on a Mk-1 version, but goes on with comments on Mk-3s.


Begin with AmosSwogger's comment posted July 19th.: "Topping Lifts:  Do I need to rig up topping lifts?  For those that don't use topping lifts, how are the ends of the sprits supported when the sails are lowered?"


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On my CS17Mk1 I use the mizzen staysail halyard to hold up the end of the main boom.  For the mizzen I untie the mizzen halyard and attach it to the end of the mizzen boom while using the mizzen sheets to prevent sway.   Similar for Belhaven except the end of the mizzen boom sometimes rest on top of the folded bimini.    I also put a sail tie around the mast and boom to prevent the boom from banging against the mast.

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