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Test Photo Upload

Frank Hagan

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I can't figure it out so far. I have PHP set to allow up to 20MB files, and the forum software set that way too, but I have to believe it is with the server software. I just moved servers over the last few days, so it has to be the new server. Maybe I'll recompile Apache with PHP set for the higher file limit.


Initially I had PHP 7 loaded but that version won't work with the software, so I have the server set to use PHP 5.x (5.5 and 5.6 I believe). 

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Uploading them from my hard drive directly to our server here. To do that, you have to click the "More Reply Options" button at the bottom right, then in the Attach Files section choose a file to upload, then click the "Attach this file" button. After uploading you have the choice to leave it attached to the bottom of the message as a thumbnail or position the cursor and click the "Add to Post" link to insert it into the post at the designate spot. 



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I use Google to host my files. It used to be Picasa. For some reason I get a "not supported" when posting. Is there a list of approved hosting sites?




That's not on my end; it sounds like Google prevents the images from being displayed by forums. We provide each user the ability to upload them to our server, so you can do that, but other than that ... maybe someone can chime in on the service they use to host photos. 


Testing Amazon S3 photos:


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