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  1. Beautiful boat. I will look for your boat at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. We plan on being there on Saturday.
  2. Reading this thread makes me feel guilty about what my CS 20 sits on. About 14 years ago I bought a used 1987 trailer that had an 18' inboard outboard sitting on it for $250. . The 14" tires were new. It is galvanized and looks like it has lived in many places. The boat rests on 7' 4" 2x4 bunks with carpet and some keel rollers. The back of the boat hangs over the back of the bunks by about 3 1/2 ft. 4 years ago I bought new tires and had the bearings packed. I squirt grease into the bearing buddies occasionally. I live in the Denver area. The trailer and boat have been to Lake Superior, Anacortes, WA (boat to Friday Harbor), the Texas 200 3 times. I have not had a flat tire or an trailer problem. I should have taken a leaf out of the trailer but I did not so it is a stiff ride for the boat. Pore thing. So I m probably due some bad luck this year when I drag the boat to Port Isabel for the Texas 200 again. It is about 2500 miles round trip. Gotta buy a cartridge for the grease gun and check the tire pressure.
  3. Looks good! Thanks for sharing.
  4. I have a Garelick like David's on my CS20. I have not used it. I suppose I should try it sometime in the water. It has been on my boat for 8 or 9 years.
  5. Thanks for putting together and sharing the video Edward. Wow! 10 to 12 ft waves are big! I hit 10 mph crossing Corpus Christi bay double reefed wing and wing but the waves were only 5 or 6 feet by my guess. The wind was not that strong as well. Nothing compared to what you describe. I'll probably run into to you at the wooden boat festival next month.
  6. FYI, As of today I am able to get to messing-about.com from my CenturyLink internet. I don't know what they did to correct the problem.
  7. My Anderson bailer works about like Ken Potts described. Sometimes at lower speeds I have stuck a screw driver in the bailer to open the flap. That worked ok except when I forgot to take it out.
  8. Hi Fishman. Beautiful boat! Is that Pueblo Reservoir?
  9. On the 2011 Texas 200. Too bad I did not get a picture of her sailing.
  10. Hi Greg. I am in Aurora. Where are you in Colorado?
  11. I think Speedy Metals is a bit cheaper than Online Metals. Up to 105" pieces can be shipped via UPS. I have used both Online metals and Speedy Metals over the years.
  12. I used 3" PVC couplers on mt "stepper helpers" for my CS20. They are no longer on the boat as I converted to a different rig and my masts are 6' shorter.
  13. http://messing-about.com/forums/topic/8603-question-on-using-a-mast-step-assist-device/
  14. Here is a diagram I used to make a simple tiller tamer. It works well for me on my CS20. tiller tamer picture.JPG.pdf I also have the ladder that David suggested. I have not actually used it to board the boat in the water.
  15. Hi Hal, Sounds like you having some fun with your CS17. On my CS20 I ran the halyard, 3 down-hauls and the snotter back to the cockpit so I could lower sail, reef etc. from the cockpit. I tend to over-complicate things. Once I got it set up right I could pretty much reef the main from the cockpit. I still had to move the snotter at the clew and go forward to tie the reef nettles so not a perfect solution. But I could adjust downhaul and snotter tension from the cockpit. I look forward to see what suggestions people on the forum make.
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