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  1. I can still remember those days of spilled epoxy (keep vinegar handy for cleanup), constant sanding, looking for tools, splinter removal, making up new curse words, collecting sawdust anywhere I could, more sanding, cut twice (still too short), "where's that drill", more sanding, begging for more money from wife, finally getting to paint, more sanding, begging for money to upgrade sails, shopping for rigging, whipping eyes in braided line, More sanding, more painting, find a trailer, convince the Texas Wildfife Depatment she will float, planning a Christening and finally floating her. No project I have ever done gave me more satisfaction. Good luck with Gwen!!!!
  2. This event is about ten years old but might convince others to get out there and build a boat. It CAN be done!!!
  3. The area under the bow is open, really wish I had closed that in though. When I did my swamp tests in my backyard pond it was not easy to get her rightside up. Had to board from the stern and bail like crazy. There is a bit of flotation in the bow. Fun boat anyway, easy to paddle with a kayak paddle. The shallow keel has a small wheel at the end for rolling her across the parking lot to the water. Stitch and glue method elliminated a lot of screws and nails. Haven't towed her yet, job getting in the way of my boating....stupid job.
  4. Hi Bill, I recently replaced the feather because a mouse ate the old one. I remember that day at Lake Conroe, really windy!!
  5. Also lost the text. Here goes again. This is a Toto I built to tow behing my Vacationer for extended sails.
  6. I sealed the new sticks with several coats of epoxy and marine varnish afterwards. The water intrusion can't be as bad as sunlight for deteriorating material. I now keep several UV protective covers over the new sticks. As far as sailing with the shallow keel, I've been able to put water down the rails and never felt she would blow over. The wide hull pushes back something fierce the further over she gets. The unexpected benefit I realized after building this boat was the attention she gets on the water. People will go out of their way to have a closer look. Even at the boat ramp, folks will saunter over to try to figure out how such a tall thing can sail with such a shallow keel. Once they see the shape of the hull it becomes apparent.
  7. I use a topping lift which lets me get rid of the boom crutch while still at the boat ramp. Just have to remember to slack it or disconnect when sailing. Very handy also if you want to make a tent over the cockpit. I also use it to hoist a light when anchored at night.
  8. Hi folks, I haven't posted here for quite some time and thought I'd toss a note out concerning what Hurricane Ike did to Sultana. Seems 150 mph winds at my house decided to blow her off the trailer, roll her around a bit, destroying all the sticks. The hull took a bit of damage but it was easily repairable. After working all summer on her she's back together and better than new! I've changed the running rigging a little and rebuilt all the standing rig from Red Oak. As soon as I get her back to the water I'll post some pics. I've attached an older picture Following seas.............
  9. No motor Barry, I need the exercise. I did try to sink this one in my pond yesterday only to find out that I need more floatation forward. Not too hard to reboard if swamped but lotsa baling was required. I can easily tow this boat behind Sultana on weekend jaunts when you want to go exploring skinny water. Here on the Texas coast we have no shortage of back bays full of oyster reefs for fishing over. This boat should work well for that. I can also fit this boat inside my van and bring her to work with me for those days when you need a bit of stress relief afterwards
  10. Bob Taylor

    New boat

    Obviously not a Stevenson design but sometimes you just want to go paddling around a bit. Fun two week project for about $125 and only weighs about 25 pounds. If it would ever cool off here in Texas I might even take it out for a test drive!! http://www.messing-about.com/photopost/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=145&thumb=1 Sorry, I forgot how to imbed the link
  11. Hi Charlie, I'm near Galveston, does that do you any good? I agree about Kerrville, great place for anything execpt sailing. I have retirement property there and don't know what will become of Sultana when I move there in a few years. Lemme know if I can help!! Bob Taylor
  12. I was given a Bolger Brick some years ago and it was lotsa fun to play with. Not pretty to look at but, but fun anyway. I went from the Brick to the Vacationer. Stark contrast!!!
  13. I had an old Christopher Cross casette tape with the song "Sailing" on it. It became my shroud tell-tales once it jammed up inside. An appropriate recycling effort, I thought anyway. What ever happened to that guy?
  14. Hi Mike, I frequent Kerrville about once a month to work on my future retirement site. Great area of the state, nowhere real close to sail though until you get close to San Antonio and Medina. What's Peter up to out there in cowboy country? Bob Taylor
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