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  1. Thanks, and sorry I didn't reply earlier.
  2. Kenny Lee is gone. Since the start of this build there has been an inspection stamp at the bottom of the cockpit. Kenny Lee inspected my plywood. It has been a joke between my wife and I that we should name the boat Kenny Lee. Well topsides, cockpit seats, and bulkheads are all painted, or primed actually. I haven't done much lately because I am now a freshman at 47. I am now enrolled at Kent State. Not only am I the oldest in the class but the instructor of my class was born 3 years after I graduated high school.
  3. I used allot of luan from HD. Big mistake. I had to replace most of it this spring with a better grade. The epoxy seams to soak into the ply but it really only soaks in to the very outermost bit of the wood. So when you epoxy luan the onion skin on the outside get tough but the bond between the outer layers and the inner layers is not improved at all. I have literally removed all of the outer layers on my boat. About the keel. I built up the bottom of the keel with thickened epoxy. The boat is yet to get wet so I don't know how well this will work.
  4. Well I am almost done with my weekender, and the PDRacer had to go. I am glad it went to a home and not the dump.
  5. Well started the mast. I have a lot of sawdust and excelsior. The Wife stepped up to the plate and did an amazing amount of sanding. I am off this week ans am hoping to get it done
  6. Well as I said before I had allot of scrubbing to do That is done I have started on the seats again, this time it is going a little faster. Thank goodness it is not as hot as it was last year I now get a little working time with the epoxy.
  7. 2 summers ago I built a 10 foot version of a PDRacer. Took it out a couple times, and it has been sitting on it's side since. Well yesterday my wife and I put it out by the street with a sign the read "Free to a good home" It only lasted out there for 2 1/2 hours. Another guy named John stopped and had to have it. He has a campsite along the Allegheny River. they have a "Tom Sawyer" regatta and always wanted to be in it. Well this is his year. I gave him my email and he said he would update me. I am looking forward to hearing from him. Here is a pic as she stood in my front yard. John
  8. Well her winter home was not "Home Sweet Home". She was at my parents house, out of sight out of mind. During the course of the winter she got about 50 gallons of water in her. And a lot of mold. I had to remove the cabin and cockpit seats. The hull is sound so all is not lost. Today is the first day of construction. I cut the parts for the rudder box, got them coated with epoxy. Tomorrow I will assemble it all.
  9. No offence taken, and it was good to meet you as well. See you soon at a meeting.
  10. Going to the boat show See you there Jim.
  11. Merry Christmas Jim, My wife and I will be there. See ya there. John John.Sokolowski@averydennison.com
  12. A PDRacer hull with oar locks or a pole would be perfect. You could get it done in a weekend.
  13. Jim, I have been to the CABBS site and have it bookmarked. I would like to join but I am an east sider (Hiram). Do you have many members this way? or at least in Lake county? I remember the Kayak well, I tried to talk my daughter into building one with me, didn't work :-( I am trying to get the boating bug to bite her, no luck yet. I would very much like to see a real shop (my build is under my car port) and pick your brain about the boats you built. And I love coffee. John
  14. Yes, it is in January. And yes it is full of power boats. We went last year and would have been a bust except we ran into CABBS and some home built boats. A 1 sheet boat and a sheet of ply with a 1 sheet boat drawn onto it. I am hoping the show will be better because the economy is a bit better now.
  15. Right in the middle of the horrible winter here, we get a little bit of summer. That would be the boat show. My wife and I are going and if anyone in the area is going it would be a great place to meet. Last year I met a great group there called (CABBS). Hope to see you there. John
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