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  1. Thanks for the help. I suggested to him that it might be Fairey not Fairley-- that seems to coincide more with what he had told me. We're slowly getting closer to the bottom of it.
  2. Its been a while since I've posted, recently a relative purchased a wooden sailboat and wanted to see if I could find any history. So far my searches haven't turned anything up so I'll post the information that I could find. Below is his description Thanks for any help.
  3. I am going to agree with oyster on the fact that it is ridiculous to cut corners on a situation where your life may be at stake. When I fly I always remind myself that its better to safe/late/stuck on the ground than dead, that the only option you have is taking off-- once you've done that landing is inevitable, and that if you die because of weather remember that your funeral will be on a nice day. that being said, I have no problem with examining cheaper alternatives on this boat since at best it will be used on a small lake nearby and always with a life jacket (i've heard the horror stori
  4. many people think airplane pilot's are crazy. and even many airplane pilot's think helicopter pilot's are crazy. I suppose this means you are really doing a good job of slipping the surly bonds. I suppose helicopters are more different as a transition from fixed wings than to start from scratch. are they really as difficult as many would lead those of us that must keep moving while in the air?
  5. when asked how much money it takes to fly its an easy answer and i suspect its the same simple answer as with sailing. All of it. Congratulations on the private, you'll love it. too bad about the weather. I spent last weeked at a fly-in in thomasville which consisted of no flying because we spent the whole time socked in. you made it down to st. simon's yet. I've flown in there several times. It could make for a fun flying and sailing trip if possible to rent a boat out there. The swift is a beautiful aircraft. I seem to recall an article in flying magazine which compared them to a fi
  6. dave, sounds like you have some time is some great aircraft. I'd be interested in talking to you about the swift. are they as squirely on the ground as has been represented? One of the more fun aircraft that I have flown is a comanche 400 a pretty rare fast bird. a shame piper didn't make more like that. I'm sure that the staggerwing beech was also amazing.
  7. you've got many more ratings than I, however, I'm quite a fan of "real flying" in rag and tube taildraggers (pa-18, pa-12, j-3). what do you fly most often? I too have turned to the sailing to save some money. So long as I am busy constructing a boat I don't have time to spend my money doing the flying. Its good that I'm doing the lesser of the expensive hobbies now since law school is bleeding me dry. are there more of us hanging around here?
  8. Oyster thanks for the suggestion that sounds like what I was really looking for. do you know anything about the quantity of foam produced per can? A rought estimate of the volume of the compartments in the minicup is around say 15 cubic feet (very rough guess at this point no real math done.) what quantity of the poly-u-foam would I need for this project? If purchased could i just pour that into the compartments and allow it to foam to fill them?
  9. As mentioned in my previous posts, I'm constructing a minicup from plans on the stevenson projects site. The plans, coming from popular science 25 years ago, call for styrofoam to use inside the compartments to prevent them from filling with water in the event of a leak. I am wondering if there are any sprayable foams that are waterproof and could be used to accomplish this same goal. I figure with styrofoam you either have the tiny balls that could trap water between them or you have large blocks that would be very difficult to fill as much of the compartment as possible. I assume that wi
  10. From my personal experience as a pilot and a sailor I've noticed that this seems to be a fairly common phenomenon (at least from what I've seen.) Perhaps it is the romantic/adventure view of travelling through different mediums to do things which few others can. Perhaps it is the joy of doing something a more rewarding than driving cars. Or maybe it is the pure pleasure derived from setting sail or taking to the skies. Lastly I suppose it could be the sheer addictiveness of expensive hobbies. I wanted to see if there were other pilot/sailors hanging around here and if so what their though
  11. Well actually after sitting for about 2 days the resin cured and seems to have made a good fitting. I purchased some west systems epoxy to secure a couple of other seams however. I have a couple of questions about this stuff though. Can I apply it over paint or do i need to sand the paint down to wood? Can I just rough up the paint and clean out the dust? (the first two questions are about securing/strengthening seams) Is it possible just to paint the epoxy over the paint in places to harden the boat up a bit and protect the current paint so that it provides a little more protection again
  12. Charlie rest assured I understand the problems with the solvents. I have already been forewarned several times by my uncle about the hazards of MEK and the resulting liver damage and the ease by which it is absorbed through the skin. He swears by it though for its ability to remove problems and on a side note we've determined that it does not have harmful effects on aircraft paint though and thus will remove glue without damaging the finish.
  13. I had initially hoped for a very secret mission to test the boat. I wanted to go at 3 in the morning under the cover of darkness in camo and shoe polish, however, we ultimately decided on a weekend when I knew the office would be closed. We did have to put the boat over a couple of locked gates so we could get the boat into the closed pool. What a bunch of reckless daredevils we were. The pictures mainly just show that the boat is finally nearing completion and actually floated. I'm having difficulty posting the third of the pictures which is me trying to paddle back to the side of the po
  14. not the news i really wanted to hear. The problem is from a lack of hardener somehow the MEK peroxide dissipated from the tube included in the kits. I'm going out of town this weekend and will be unable to work on the boat until sometime next week--- perhaps that may give the hardener to actually kick in and cause the cure. If i read some of the posts correctly a little bit will cause the cure to occur at some point though not very quickly. Anyway I've got to move the boat to an out of the way location here at the apartment because they aren't really keen to the idea of having it in the ya
  15. I'm working on my first boat and am building a minicup from stevenson's plans. I was able to leak test the boat last week and found a few leaks in some of the seams. One around the mast daggerboard box, one on the port side where the bottom hull met the side wall and one along the transom. I figured that to best correct these I would just fiberglass along the seams that were leaking. I purchased a fiberglass repair kit from a local hardware store and mixed the resin and what small amount of hardener I had and went to work. Apparently the kit must have been sitting for a while because as i
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