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  1. To me, I hate long zippers. I always seem to get some fabric caught in them and then you have trouble. I wonder if they make velcro strong enough for that application?
  2. Kidd


    I have occasionally looked at waterproof cameras. West Marine has a 35mm camera that looks like it will fit your needs for under $200. I have never seen a underwater digital camera for less than $600 (they have one of those at West also). The prices I have seen in camera shops on waterproof digitals are in line with West. I have found that for taking pictures of sailboats, a good zoom (optical) is a must. The better zoom lens you have, the farther away from the boat you can be and still get a picture of the boat that doesn't look like a speck.
  3. I was born and raised in Atlanta Ga. Lived a few years in LA (lower Alabama).
  4. I don't have PC plans but I do have vacationer plans if you would like them.
  5. The verse about "put him in a dinghy till he's sober", I heard as "put him in a longboat till he's sober". One other verse is; "Put him in the scupper with a hawsepipe in him" The verses are probably infinite as long as people make them up. I never heard the "find another bottle" verse, I like that one.
  6. I started out with horns cause they look good. I now have rings because they work better.
  7. If you want to come across the wind faster you can have your crew back the main and push the bow around lickety split. Mostly it's like Charlie said, just put the helm over when you are ready to tack. I have been very satisified with the way my CS handles beating.
  8. Congratulations on a spectacular boat and even more spectacular exhibition of sailing.
  9. That sounds like the one. It looks like a good lake to sail on if you can avoid the bass boats.
  10. Sounds like you learned more than you hoped you might. I hope you still enjoyed your adventure.
  11. Congratulations!!! I used to live on the Black Warrior river in Demopolis. I currently live in Atlanta. I built and own CS 17 hull number 113 here. You are going to build a great design. The construction method is strong and simple. With a little care you will have a great boat. There is a lake on I20 close to Anniston. If you would like to meet there and sail in my CS. Just give me an excuse to Sail OH yea, PICTURES MAN PICTURES!!
  12. She looks fast just sitting there!
  13. I hear tales of people who have also bought their plywood from them. You have to pick it up though. Living in SC it might not be too far a drive for you.
  14. Kidd


    Just to let you know, I just received my plans. That makes just under 2 weeks.
  15. That could possibly be doable for me. I would love to see your boat. I still want to sail that lake.
  16. Thanks for the input I am not familiar with those lakes but my brother lives in Padukah. I would love to take my boat up to sail there. Might convince him to build his own. It's not like I really need a reason to go sail any where. Sounds like a great place though.
  17. Does this affect Kentucky lake and the land between the lakes park? I have been wanting to go up there. It is a loooong way from Atlanta if the water aint there.
  18. Kidd


    How long have you been waiting for your plans? I personally feel very strongly that the Stevenson's wouldn't have such a tremendous and loyal following if they didn't ship plans. The website says they ship every two weeks. I figure my plans should ship this week or next. At any rate the time spent waiting on the plans will be a small percentage of the overall build time.
  19. There is a bar on the beach at the Florida-Alabama border called the FloraBama. They have an anual Mullet toss where you drink lots of beer and throw mullets over to the other state. Really quite silly. I guess this tradition is really not a well known as those of us from LA like to think.
  20. Kidd


    I ordered plans for a Vacationer last week. Monday, 2/5/7. I have received confirmation from paypal. As yet no plans (I really didn't expect them yet). I would be interested in some input to this also. That whole pins and needles thing.
  21. Have you ever tossed them at the Flora-Bama?
  22. They are both very beautiful boats. Did you catch anything?
  23. I would like to affirm what Ray just said. I weigh in the 250 range and stand on the fore deck without fear.
  24. My CS goes upwind fine, I have no complaints. I have just wondered if a bit of a headsail might improve upwind performance a smidge. But this thread isn't about headsails that don't exist. It is about that really cool boat Graham is building. Sorry to have caused all the fuss. I'll try to pay better attention from now on.
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