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Action Tiger builds a Firefly. Slowly.

Action Tiger

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Meh. Really only about ten minutes work. The time differential in my posts is just due to residual computer dumbness on my behalf.

This computer thingy is one of the only electronic things in my world, although I may watch a cartoon or movie now and again.

Besides, no earplugs and no dust mask make Tiger something something. :)

As for splitting wood, I actually did that for a summer job as a younger man. Still can, but don't a lot because we have air quality regulations...

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Sometimes the turkey prevails on Thanksgiving... Even if it's not a very good picture. I'll do the other gunwale later, and rip the keel to width. Maybe I'll even scarf the keel.

Shoot, I may actually build this boat!

In all fairness, I have built an entire full sized sailing canoe and model scull boat since I started this kayak.


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Well, I did get to cutting the other gunwale scarf, but a weather system moved on in, and it ain't been warm enough to glue. Really.

We ain't all in it with Nanook of the North, but it ain't getting above 40 some, and I got no heat in my shop, which my wife made me move into.

I'll cut some notches and rip my other stringers, be ready to glue in a day or so, when we return to normal temps again.

May get this thing semi 3D here in a week or so.

Don't worry Woodman, I got plenty of chores to do. Winter garden, leaves leaves leaves, and, your favorite, some wood splitting. Modesto Ash and my favorite, eucalyptus. Now, where's them wedges?

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Ironically enough, I was at my hardwood Guy's place today, where I got the sheet of bb ply for my frames, dropping off some burls for him to sell, and he asked if I was ever going to finish this boat.

I quelled him by placing an order for ten panels of 1/4 okoume for an upcoming project...

I have been having terrible episodes of Shiny Thing Disorder this year, plus got talked into racing another season of marathons and halfs, so I've been more distracted than usual. Then there's the sailing canoe that is so much fun, and the fishing is off the hook (no pun intended) right now...

Still, I'm always happy to provide comic relief for anyone. I do love to laugh. Especially at myself. :)

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As a filler, I'm well known for starting projects then shelving them while I work on others. Between the time I started and finished the cedar canoe I built a piroque, 90%% of a SUP, and a 14ft V hull and cut out my frames and stringers for a SOF yak. Then I finished the Cedar canoe and now I still have to paint the SUP, finish the other yak and build my Kudzu boats. I'm always working, but with terrible ADHD I always have  a half dozen projects in the garage to bounce between. 


I also have a '65 Impala SS and a '70 Dodge A108 in the shop as well as a half dozen other old cars waiting to get done. 

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When my son was 4 he used to get really annoyed at his mother when she would reply to his request with "just a minute".  One day he decided to time her and found it to take 42 minutes, and announced that a "mommy minute" was 42 real minutes long.  You are giving the word slowly a new meaning with this thread.  You must be having way too much fun.  :P

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Perhaps I should amend it to glacially. ;) I really never intended to take THIS long, but I got really waylaid a few times this year.

The real irony is, I have spent more time working on boats this year than most, but not THIS boat. My new canoe is fun, and being self designed had lots of bugs to work out, which meant lots of sailing time. And, I'm designing and building a scull boat for a guy to hunt ducks from, loosely based on one in ASSC. We're on the second version, and the second model is almost done.

I was just in my new shop, another time thief, trying to get that organized, ripping my 1" stringers to width, and realized I'm a little short on stringer stock, too. Any trip to the lumber guy is half day minimum because I'm a big old blabber mouth, so, meh.

I'm blessed to live in my own little bubble, though, without too many hurry hurry hurry pressures from the outside world, which certainly doesn't help. And, oh yeah, three kids who always need me, and they NEVER wait, because they take priority, and always seem to get into such interesting stuff...

You all keep me in stitches, though, and I'm glad you can appreciate the weirdo I am. I will finish this boat this year, even if I have to add a 13th month!

As for fun, brother this ride is way too short not to have a blast everyday, even when you're inventing new swears because of the dumb thing you just did. :)

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