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New boats, new items in store

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Not being able to get in the shop I work I have had time to finish up a few projects. I just listed some new designs and a placed a couple of new items in the store.

My first tandem canoe, Tangerine. 16' long is now available.


Crawfish Pirogue's are also available. These are all about being simple to build. Not that they can get a lot simpler than they were though. I am thinking this could be great Boys Club or Scout projects. Father and son/daughter building project. There is a single and a tandem version.


Also, I now have a black marine grade bungee cord and a black polyester rope for making life lines now available in the store. They actually will not be in stock till end of next week but I went ahead and listed them.

If there is something I don't offer let me know and I will look into it. I am looking into some other items and I do have a couple of boats designs in the works.



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I have seen hooks and eyes that attach to shock chord that would be a nice addition to the shock cord itself. I am looking into ideas for short hook and eye chords for secure paddles and other items where the cargo straps just aren't practical.

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Sure hope someone here takes on that canoe. Love to see it being built. Sorry about the bungee. They let me know a while back their shipment came in and in stock at a local store and I went and picked mine up. I got to pay almost twice what you are asking!

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Interested in Tangerine... Might make a good summer project for me. (my shop is in the basement, so I'd need nicer weather so I could set up a strongback in the garage.)

I'm trying to understand the size of the project I'd be undertaking, so can I ask a few questions?

- how much did Stonefly weigh? I'm thinking that would at least give an idea as to the weight of Tangerine

- I was looking at the sinew in the store... does a Canoe require more or less or the same amt of sinew as a kayak?

- other than stonefly, do you have any other photos of SOF canoes?

- Can you, or should you, put a rub strip on the bow/stern for landing on shore?

I'd be taking this for some backcountry canoe tripping. We've done one such vacation, and are planning another, and expect to do more over the years. But still it would be once or twice a year with some other light day use.

thanks for any pointers or suggestions.


ps: Am I missing a note somewhere that mentions how much fabric you would need ?

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