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Weekender Tiller question (for frank?)


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I wanted to ask Frank about the bell mounted on his mast. I have one, however I was having trouble making it ring properly from the cockpit. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I had to add a wedge to the mounting to make the bell level enough to be able to ring it from the cockpit.  Even then it took a very quick tug to get the clapper to ring the bell.  I think the length of the line provides a bit of a "shock absorber" effect to it so the clapper doesn't swing that well.  Try it with a shorter length of cord to see if that helps.  I remember that routing it through three fairleads made it very hard to make it ring.

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Frank that was the problem I was having too. Only able to get one good ring. Guess were in the same boat :)


The line may have enough friction to prevent the clapper from resuming the "neutral" position.  You only get a muffled "donk" with the next pull of the bell rope that way.

I think maybe a bell mounted in a frame where you are moving the entire bell back and forth would work (pivoting off the top).  In this type of configuration, you are moving the entire bell, and the clapper slams around inside of it, just as it does with a hand-held bell.

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On Frank's first posting in this thread (reply No. 2), his second photo....Wouldn't it be better to have that eye rotated 90 deg, so that the load from the line is in-line with the long axis of the eye?


My first thought too.my second thought is,where is there going to bethe most force applied. Answer: in an uncontrolled jibe.where you're boom is being thrown from one side of the boat to the other. At this moment almost all is force is on the side of the ring/fairlead / thingy.I think that Frank's orientation is just fine. I've recently went through some pain staking efforts to fabricate a bronze sheet horse. I ordered some. 5/8(heavy I know) round stock of c655 silicon bronze . 2feet of it. I then drew up some real size drawings of how I wanted it bent. I brought to a local machine shop and I'm expecting to hear back from himtoday. The suspense is overwhelming .

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