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Festool Plunge-Cut Circular Saw (very unique)

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Not sure if you all have seen this before, or not... maybe it will interest you. It's a bit steeply priced, but a VERY well made tool with an extremely versatile function... far superior to a circular saw in terms of what it can do... almost like a mobile table-saw.

Check out the link and watch the video... pretty cool stuff:


By the way, no, I have no affiliation with the company. I'm a poor graduate student who can scarcely afford any tools, let alone Festools. :) Just dreaming of nice tools in a nice shop.

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There is a market for this kind of thing, and was talking to my son in law about guided circular saw systems. You end up putting out about the same as a good contractor's table saw, but there's a bit more versatility.

Besides Festool, there's a similar system that uses your existing circular saw called EZ Smart Guide System. You don't get all the other features ... like easy plunging and soft start ... that the Festool saw gives you, but it does give you a lot of other benefits. And the system that cuts up to 8' long is less than $200. It was invented by a woodworker and people really like it ... I actually looked into it, but he doesn't have one yet for my left-blade Porter Cable (but does for the standard right blade design). You can see his system at http://www.eurekazone.com/ but here's a pic of how it can do tapered cuts (if it links through):


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Over the last 2-3 years I've accumulated a number of Festool products and they have completely changed the way I work.  The TS55 plunge saw and MFT table have replaced the table saw for cross cutting.  It's every bit as accurate and cuts as clean if not cleaner than my table saw.  The guide rails make it possible to final cuts while breaking down a sheet of material.  The Domino is a fantastic way for doing loose tenons, making panel layups and cabinet carcasses a snap.  Sanding dust is now almost non-existant with the RO125 and CT22 vacuum, and I rarely use my belt sander anymore.  The tools are expensive but they are a complete joy to use.



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