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Work bench plans

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greg my rolearond bench wheels have locks on them and and the cabnet is full of tools so it wights a lot but i would not try to plane on it i do most of my hevy work on my oak benchs they have 2by6 frames and are bolted to the bilding and my 4by8 layuot table is bolted to the 2in white oak floor i'd put up some pict. but don't know how if your intrested i can emil some to you

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I bet more folks than myself would like to see your benchs. Frank could probably help you with posting them. I use Microsoft Photodraw to resize mine to the right size for this forum. There is another method provided here but I do not know much about it since I do not use it.

Thanks for your offer! :)

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I've had a number of benches that I've used over the years but keep coming back to a basic easy to build and use combination.

I buy 48" solid core doors and then lay a sheet of 3/4" MDF on that with a 1/4" tempered masonite layer on that. These are all glued together with contact cement and then placed on a 4X4 legs and 2X6 frame and cross braces that have levelers on the bottom of the legs. I set open boxes, kind of like the Lowes photo beneath them and attach a wood workers vice to one end. When needed for longer tasks, I blot an extension to it where needed with another 2X6 frame and level that to the bench. Build up the top with another solid core door cut to the width I need and so on.

The key for me at least is to have it both solid enough to take a pounding and level. Also heavy enough that it can't be easily moved when bumped into. The masonite top is expendable and easily replaceable.

I also have used a length of butcher block counter top, 25" X 72" that I built a galvanized pipe frame for and adjustable pads on the bottom of the legs so it could be leveled. That took a tremendous amount of abuse over the years and proved practical for most every smaller projects needs. I hung drawers below it for power tools and was able to clamp my router table along any side of it for additional working room with larger stock.

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FWIW I found the Lowe's bench... It was kind of a pain to finally get where I needed to... but here it is:


And here's the link

Good luck with whatever you decide!



It took me a while, but I finally figured out that the table size is 4x8 feet....I think.  The plan set does not say so, in plain description, but buried in the cutting list is the table top.  At first glance, I rejected this due to its size, but now I am having second thoughts.  If the permantly mounted benches on my shop wall was removed, the 4x8 could be rolled to that location and would be much more versatile.  I like everything in my shop on wheels so that the shop can be easily reconfigured for different projects.  I am almost there.

Thanks again, Roland. :)

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I'd love to have a shop large enough to think about having permanent benches and tables!  Its not going to happen in this lifetime, so I have to deal with temporary set ups when I'm working on a project.  I typically take over half the 2-car side of the garage for assembly (my shop is in the single-car section of the three car garage.) 

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Pretty nice looking workstation, but I can see even in the small picture, a few things that could use improvement.

First- you need doors or drapes over the open bins. No matter how careful you are with dust, those open bins will fill up with dust. Fact of life in a woodshop.

Second- the edges need to overhang at least a small amount. As it is I don't see how you could clamp something down to the long side. And you OFTEN need to do that, particularly in boat work

Oh and one other thing having nothing to do with the bench- there aren't enough clamps ;D

Of course there NEVER are enough clamps anyway!!

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I agree with you Charlie about the doors/drapes and clamps.  Sam, Ben, and I were just discussing this very thing.  I blew up the pic to see the details better.  This bench as a concept is good but it needs lots of refinement to work well.  The overhangs are another good point.

I built a roll around for my lathe, about 30 inches by 60 inches and it would be a good size for a bench too.  I think 4x8 is just too big for my small shop even with the fixed benchs gone.   Gee, wouldn't it be great to have a shop big enough for a 4x8 roll around bench? :)

The boys (with lots of my help) designed and built a couple of bird feeders today for a merit badge.  The shop is heated but still chilly by Texas standards....it really drains me.  Time for a siesta  ;D.

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I"m sorry about the chilly.  I've been working wearing a short sleeved shirt, with the front and rear doors on the shop open. Been a great day but cloudy. Drizzle now and then. The temp shows 75 right now 5:30 in the afternoon.

My layout table in my shop is 4 x 5 but that's not my workbench- you've seen my Steiner I  think. It's the same layout table that I had in the other shop when you visited.

But yeah- it would be nice to have that kinda room. In fact, I've decided to sell my shaper. I never use it and all it does is eat floor space, so why have it. When I was building this shop I had visions of 30 x 50 or something like that. Then Laura asked me how long I wanted to work to PAY for it? 24 x 24 became really a great size, really quickly ;D

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Guest ib1boatnut

Hello Greg, wood magazine has "best ever workshop jigs,tips and ideas" out now. In it there plans for a simple yet sturdy bench.(I would scan the pic but that might be copyright trouble?) under it skys the limit for storage ideas. There is something in this issue for everyone. One of my best buys in a while.

For a mobile bench you might find building a "leaf" that looks like lattice with folding legs useful. It makes one of the best clamp tables with out buying special clamps and disappears when not in use.

Not sure if thats helpful but the magazine will be.

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Thanks but I already have that Wood mag. :)  It is a nice looking bench.

My current interest is mobility in my shop, which I have almost achieved.  I may build a cutdown version of that Lowes bench, but it will be next year.  I have a Spindrift 12 to get built this winter. :)

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