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  1. For Sale; Wooden Boat Magazines Vol. 1&2; 6 thru24; 32 thru 99; 117; 140; 146 91 issues $300 + shipping Small Boat Magazines Vol. 29 thru 34 36 thru 72 43 issues $100 + shipping If interested please PM me. Ron
  2. greg i will try to learn to post pict and then i'll put some up
  3. greg my rolearond bench wheels have locks on them and and the cabnet is full of tools so it wights a lot but i would not try to plane on it i do most of my hevy work on my oak benchs they have 2by6 frames and are bolted to the bilding and my 4by8 layuot table is bolted to the 2in white oak floor i'd put up some pict. but don't know how if your intrested i can emil some to you
  4. greg i think you will like most of the benchs allredy talked about but remember there like clamps you can never have enuf bench space i've got 60ftof 2in white oak bench a 3ft by 8ft 3/4in ona cabnet on weels and a 4ft by 8 ft 3/4 in on a 2by4 frame and noplace to put any thing maybe i should do a little cleaning :roll:
  5. you might think about building one with plywood lapstrake we have had good luck with it on pea pods
  6. for my money ill stick with the router a few years back one of the guys in our boat building club got a morticing tool and it was no better than a drill press good luck
  7. you guys are artest not just woodworkers take a bow
  8. looks like a good job im shoure you are injoying th new space
  9. greg some of us dont post much but we love to read what the rest are posting :!:
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