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Shane, I've always thought the Australians were some of the nicest people on earth ... once you get used to their humor! When I was a kid, we had a surf bum friend from down under and he cracked us up every time he got mad ... which only made him more mad. I decided then that no one can abuse the King's English quite like the Aussies. I've sworn off Europe for travel (they hate Americans over there), but if you guys still like us in a few years, my wife and I hope to travel down there for holiday.

I almost forgot the Yahoo group devoted to shop built tools ... a pretty good group but I hate the Yahoo groups because of the ads popping up all the time. Anyway, here is the URL:


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Jigs are a funny thing..I think some are very useful, but, I think that that's all some folks do, is build jigs...and some are real pieces of art. I suppose if I were doing production work, I'd build a few...then again, if I were doing production work, I'd probably try to by a pre-built machine that did what I wanted. Maybe I'm just too impatient, I like to try and move right along on my projects, without having to spend 2 hours building a jig, and most of the time I don't have the knobs or bolts on hand that I need anyway. I am planning on building some clocks for Christmas and for those I may make some patterns and jigs as I work since I plan on making a few of them. good links though..even though I don't build them, I do like to see what people come up with...


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Hey guys heres my favorite books on woodworking jigs. I've used them for doing all sorts of projects.


200 original shop aids & jigs for woodworkers

by Rosario Capotosto

ISBN 0-8069-6582-7


Router jigs & techniques

by Partrick Spielman

ISBN 0-8069-6694-7


Router Magic

by Bill Hylton

ISBN 0-7621-0185-7


Woodworking with the router

by Bill Hylton & Fred Matlack

ISBN 0-7621-0227-6


These are the best books I've ever found. They sit right next to my boat building and furniture books. They are an invaluable resource for any woodworker and I highlt recomend them


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