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  1. Ok so how much are you asking for the boat and trailer. jimfre06@yahoo.com
  2. Hey guys heres my favorite books on woodworking jigs. I've used them for doing all sorts of projects. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 200 original shop aids & jigs for woodworkers by Rosario Capotosto ISBN 0-8069-6582-7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Router jigs & techniques by Partrick Spielman ISBN 0-8069-6694-7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Router Magic by Bill Hylton ISBN 0-7621-0185-7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Woodworking with the router by Bill Hylton & Fred Matlack ISBN 0-7621-0227-6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are the best books I've ever found. They sit right next to my boat building and furniture books. They are an invaluable resource for any woodworker and I highlt recomend them Jim
  3. merrimange, please send pictures if you can I'd like to see what the boat looks like. Why did you drill holes to get the water out? bailing most of it out then using a large sponge would have been much better. did the plywood start to delaminate from the water? Jim
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