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  1. 8) Well done mate!!! Now the adventures REALLY start ENJOY!! 8)
  2. I agree with the drill holes in bum fill with soil and plants and plant in a nice spot in the garden 8) ... why? cause thats where Canoeythingy resides! my simple 16 hour instead of 6 hour canoe combo with other plans off the net ply canoe... We had 3 brilliant years with her and probably would have made 5 if she hadnt taken to flying of the roof rack halfway between Perth and Kalgoorlie :roll: When tossing up weather to fix or garden her I took in the 3 years of fun for the hoons the ease of making it (one weekend) and compared that to the possibility of an endless supply of strawberries and decided I like strawberries... A LOT!! so she became our strawberry patch! and a fine job she does too 8) Way I figure it 3 years of constant use by 8 kids and their freinds mates and partners as well as me along with surviving a move and several trips to the goldfields on top of a car never covered never cared for is a bloody good life for a weekend canoe... and if the hoons tell me they want anothery its a simple matter of a couple of sheets of ply some pine strips and some silicone and screws along with a touch of paint and bobs yer uncle easy as! :wink: Give it to the garden creatures
  3. So mate you going to tackle this boatbuilding caper as a full on business type thing? The wee shed looks cute sittin there surrounded by the lattice work fence... real purty! be great for the daughter or granddaughter for a cubby house eh? 8) nah just pullin yer leg mate Good on you! 8) and good luck with the business (if its going to be a business that is Im only guessing due to the title and how I read it so I could be wrong here :roll: ) Cheers Shane
  4. No worries Frank... just grabbed me as rather unusual and well not the same sort of response that was the norm when I used to come more often As to the job... well having just recently been told my mining career as at a sudden and total end Im in the same boat so to speak presently researching options and direction Best of luck with it mate... and enjoy the break!! 8) :roll:
  5. Blacksmith mate... WELL DONE!! I reckon you and your family will have a ball... how long till launch you reckon?... mmm the young fella? mate have a small word to him about the potential loss of grandchildren hes lookin at not supplying you by standing spread eagled over the tow rope Glad it came out without damage to either the paintwork or the trim well done again On another note I havent been on the forum for awhile taking an self imposed exile sabbatical thing... but to see this post with 146 views after 5 days and none of you have said anything? SHAME!! no seriously shame on the lot of you Blacksmith goes to the effort and trouble to post some pictures of his build and after 146 view NO ONE says well done?? Shamefull... sure its not a weekender or a vactioner or even a pilot boat but it is a boat and hes built it and wants to share that journey with everyone the least you can do is say "well done mate" you know a bit of friendliness a tad of encouragement and who knows even more people may just post their builds here. No offence meant Frank or anyone else but 146 views means that at the least 100 forumites have look at Blacksmiths pictures 100!! MINIMUM thats saying at worst that HE himself looked in 46 times since he posted it not likely but being overly generous possible... I find it hard to believe that this forum has changed so much in the months Ive been of the forum that someone can post this sort of thread and none of you say a word... was a time a thread like this one would envoke a raft of comments and responses some favorable some not so some questioning some just saying well done... seems its changed eh... as I said shamefull ah well I reckon its a damned fine looking Micro Trawler mate so good on you! Have a flamin ball regardless of what anyone may or may not think!
  6. Well mate I have probably the cleanest tidiest shed in the southern hemisphere at present havin only one wing to play with and having been banned from any and all machinery for another 4 - 6 weeks due to my own utter dumb stupidity one day 4 weeks ago when I had a run in between my left index finger and a forstner bit... Ive become a clean shed freak!! :shock: Not a scaric of dust anywhere nor shavings nor chips is there within the shed... the machines are cleaner than the day I bought and set them up... in fact they may well challenge your lights for brilliance!... every plane spokeshave drawknife and chisel is now beyond SCAREY sharp while the neetness of the inside timber is astounding I have gotten to the point of being worried about what I will do tomorrow when I go out there... see I was eyeing off the silver glide machine polish today while dusting of a few short lengths of timber from under he bench and the idea of polishing the raw timber with this stuff struck me so bad I ran screaming interror from the shed and poor young Joshy had to go shut the shed for me :oops: Gawd I hate bein one winged :cry: And to think Ive got more of this to come... unless someone can give me some ideas to distract me? Ohh an Jake? good job mate!! 8) although I wish I had light out there so I could brag as well cheers Shane
  7. In other words thank you you have answered the question Mike Cheers Shane
  8. okay guess thats a yes... no worries cheers Shane
  9. Ive used both Charlie's and Barry's methods for forming curves... both work equally good... One thing I will add is... Have everything ready BEFORE you start to steaming or bending!! There really is nothing worse than not having the clamps to hand when the wood comes out :evil: :oops: And I do mean to hand not on the bench or clamp rack on the other side of the shed or even a few feet away but right next to whatever form your going to use... in preference I would suggest you have them laying right next to whatever form its going to clamp to Another person is handy and helpfull... but explain to them the method and what they will do and if a kid then do a dry run practice before you start so they know exactly what you are going to do and whats expected if them.. be clear... you avoid tangles trips yelling swearing and general roaring if this is done BEFORE HAND... dont ask :roll: Good luck 8) Shane
  10. Well after some months of self imposed exile I thought Id wander back and say gidday 8) Nothing much has been happening with regards boats down here other than not quite finishing 2 ships wheels one 20in and the other 26in along with some mooring bitts and belaying pins... nor will anything be happen for a time due to my finger having a slight run in with forstner bit and loosing badly :oops: {tale with graphics being told over at woodenboat and the Aussie ubeaut woodworkers site} Im still working the mines and will hopefully be heading up to Koolan Island once this hand heals to begin surface mining rather than underground... plenty of good fishing and may have to figure a way of getting a boat up there with the supplies from Derby... but anyway... gidday all and hope your all doing flamin excellently 8)
  11. Great to hear of the move bein a good one Mike! Well done! 8)
  12. WOW!! Youve stopped building guitars Tim? bloody hell now thats a bummer :cry:... BUT!! seems on the flip side youve found a good job that you enjoy and everyones happy with the move 8) The boat? Well I couldnt get either linked page to open up so I will wait till you post some sailing pics :wink: And I also am sorry to hear that your selling Annie M but Im sure you will have some grand adventures in the new lady 8) Kalowna... that was the town me and Tiff were going to come visit a few years back with athletics if my memorys serving me this morning? beautiful spot from all the info we gathered damned shame all that terrorist and sars stuff happened... ah well maybe one day eh Take it easy ol mate Shane
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