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Core Sound 20 Mk1 under sail

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We were sailing on Green Bay, Lake Michigan. Its a good sailing area but you don't see many small boats/centerboarders. In a couple of resort areas on the east side of the bay there are sailing clubs using Flying Scots and even Optimist prams. The picture was taken near Menominee, Michigan. 


The outboard is a 1985 Suzuki 2hp 2 cycle. Lightweight,  one pull starting, and strong enough to go in and out of marinas. It doesn’t shift, so starting it and getting off the dock solo takes some planning. It is a 15" short shaft, which is ok except I don't have my transom cutout deep enough.  Keeping weight aft is important. It has served me well all these years.  If I were to get another motor I'd get one that shifted, 3-5 hp, and a bracket at the proper height.

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Oh, another thing about outboards. I like to be able to lock the motor in a forward position and set the throttle speed so that I can steer with the boat tiller. To stand up and see over the top of doused sails while maneuvering at a dock or marina. Some twist grips don't allow this.

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With purchasing Avocet (CS17m3) I got a great method to keep the doused mainsail nicely wrapped up at the height if the foot of the mainsail when it’s fully raised.  For the mizzen, I use a second halyard attached to an eye around the half way point on the sprit and tie the sail t it in a nice bundle, again at least as high as the foot of the mizzen sail when up all the way.  When I take the slack out if the sheets the sails are completely out of the way to board, motor, or just be anchored.  Visibility is clear. 

At anchor in this photo my main is tied up and the mizzen is being a wind vane. 

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