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Anyone had any experience with this?  But I think it's new.  Intriguing.  No doubt some reinforcement to transom would be in order.


One thing I like is that it would be useful whether the boat was upright, capsized on its beam ends or, um, turtled.  More on that in a few days...



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Just in time -- I'm about to finalize design/fab a reboarding ladder for Chessie (a CS20.3).


The problem I see with the Plastimo ladder is common to all rope types: the boarder's CG is directly underneath the point where the ladder is attached to the boat.  In order to get aboard, the "swimmer" must have some leverage to move his CG outboard while simultaneously raising his body weight.  His leg-strength is mostly useless because that pushes the ladder further under the boat -- so almost the entire [reboarding] effort shifts to his arms and hands, which must have good purchase.


The cartoon diagram [shown in the link to Palstimo] of the stick-figure reboarding does not show a realistic position for reboarding.  Perhaps it's OK for when the swimmer first approaches the ladder, but once he begins actual reboarding, the stick figure will rotate to almost directly under the transom.


Four years ago when I started building Chessie if found the following on the forum (one of Chick's postings).image.thumb.jpeg.ba4edd2753dab90a47d562723114e440.jpeg


At that early stage (of construction) I installed blocking inside the transom to support whatever I might finally decide for a ladder.  I may have posted some ideas on Chessie's build.  I kinda remember a cartoon showing a stick-figure trying to reboard.  Have a look at my posting on Chessie's bulld dated November 26, 2017:



I think an effective reboarding ladder is an important safety issue.  Especially for a solo sailor.  I hope to finalize a design and fabricate one this season.  I'm still open to alternate ideas.


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Pete the one from chick is what I used on my cs17 with some scrap plywood..


I try to rope ladder and a very athletic friend of mine had trouble getting back on.


For driving a tour boat, I use what the tow boat guys use a strap that you put over your shoulder and you have to go into the water and they put their foot in it you stand up, and it propels them into the boat.

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Both Amos and I used the same swim ladder in our 20.3s. Pics below.I did see that Doug Cameron used the ladder you are showing, but I have a rope ladder on my sea pearl and it is not easy to use even for kids. 59a16bfa05d3e_2017-08-2520_58_13.thumb.jpg.4b20032b720becbb6fd83a35d4761932.jpg59a16c0931d37_2017-08-2520_58_42.thumb.jpg.29e69f1616b72a4b71bbd06d98197336.jpg59a16cdd56810_2017-08-2521_07_34.thumb.jpg.79848a934312d1eea5b805b39e4a27ce.jpg

The downside to the reverse transoms is a wedge needs to be made. Amos made a nice one out of wood and my son 3d printed mine. 

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I also have this ladder on my Bay River Skiff.  It works great!  Even my wife can get back on board after taking a dip.  It is designed for a transom with a 15 degree rake.  Without that, you have to do what these guys did.  It’s worth it.  Most of the time, you don’t even see it.





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