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Double-corded stitch with Kudzu plywood coaming - where to start?

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Kudzu Short Shot with plywood two-part coaming. I am ready to apply skin. Want to use double-corded stitching.  Having watched Kudzu Craft double-corded video and others, it looks like I should start from the coaming and work towards ends, which is opposite of what is described in manual.  I am thinking to: clamp fabric to keel at bow and stern, pulled tight (but NOT sew pockets); pin along keel; lash lower coaming ring in place; place upper coaming ring and clamp with strap; pull fabric tight through coaming ring, clamp and screw, working from sides toward center.  I've notched upper coaming ring so cords can pass through.  Then start the double-corded stitch from coaming to ends of boat.  Will that work?

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Things change and my methods have changed over the years. But by all means start at the coaming and work to the ends. Much more forgiving. If you star at the end and don't get the sided even you have a bunch of fabric to deal with an no choice but bunch up and sew in a wrinkle(s).

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