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  1. Kudzu Short Shot with plywood two-part coaming. I am ready to apply skin. Want to use double-corded stitching. Having watched Kudzu Craft double-corded video and others, it looks like I should start from the coaming and work towards ends, which is opposite of what is described in manual. I am thinking to: clamp fabric to keel at bow and stern, pulled tight (but NOT sew pockets); pin along keel; lash lower coaming ring in place; place upper coaming ring and clamp with strap; pull fabric tight through coaming ring, clamp and screw, working from sides toward center. I've notched upper coaming ring so cords can pass through. Then start the double-corded stitch from coaming to ends of boat. Will that work?
  2. Thanks. Having now installed them, I suggest you might consider making the notches for the side beams (in the frame in front of the laminated beam) angled a bit outward toward gunnels (rather than vertical) so that where the side beam meets the laminated beam it is perpendicular, for better joint. I also cut the forward ends of the beams flush with the frame it meets and pegged with dowel through frame.
  3. Okay, got it. Thanks. Yes, I'm working from a kit.
  4. After much jiggering about it looks like I have 2 options. One is to put all three deck beams ON TOP of laminated beam. If I do this, I can adjust positions so that coaming rests on all three beam ends. This puts coaming at a pretty jaunty angle, and center deck beam will have a good bit of curve as it descends toward next frame. Adds a bit of leg room. Alternate is to notch all three beams to tuck under and terminate at the laminated beam. Coaming would then rest atop the laminated beam at center point. I'm finding it really hard to see how center beam could notch under while side beams go over the laminated beam, especially when sewing seam at coaming. Which is the way to go?
  5. Thanks. I understand the instructions for the front/bow end . But does coaming rest on the two side beams? The book mentions this for Curlew and Vardo, but I can't figure out how that works here, as it seems to lift the front of coaming really high above laminated beam. But if the side beams do NOT extend under coaming, their ends will definitely leave hump under fabric between gunnels and coaming. The most logical solution to me is to notch the side beams and terminate them flush with laminated beam, letting coaming rest on center deck beam. Appreciate the help.
  6. Instructions call for 2 front side deck beams of 4'-6". Cannot find specifics on where to position them. Do they rest on top of the laminated beam? Do they extend under the coaming? Does coaming rest on the side deck beams? Or the center deck beam? Do the side beams need to be trimmed shorter? Could similarly use guidance on the rear deck side beams. It would be awesome if there were a video walk around of the completed frame... I've been trying to figure it out from glimpses of different boats in different videos. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. I had made that assumption through elimination. Coming along nicely.
  8. Just received Short Shot kit. One of the brackets (the one printed with the lengths of the stringers needed) does not have a label specifying which frame it pairs with and where to mount it on the strongback. Where does it go?
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