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Travis Votaw

BRS 15 mk2, # 1

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Bobby Chilek is building me a BRS 15 mk2 (#1), original BRS 15 redesign by Graham. Slightly beamier and deeper, with offset centerboard up against seat front. Bobby is now the proud (I think) owner of Pilgrim, Princss 22 #12 built for me by Charlie Jones. Graham says she will hold a total displacement of 800 lbs,, plenty for a couple guys to take a week-long excursion, such as the Texas 200. 


Outside of hull is glassed but not finished sanding/filling. Now to see if I can add a picture...


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It looks quite a bit different from the original.  The wide flat on the stem is gone.  I wonder if the bottom rocker has been changed?  Where was the added beam put in?  I expect it will be bit dryer in chop and I hope it will retain the all round utility of the original which I thought was an ideal small skiff.



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Bobby is doing a great job. By the glue drops on the floor it looks like this is not his first build.


Tom, I agree that the Brs 15 gives about the best bang for the buck around. That day the three of us in our BRS's were running and surfing up the Bay River the day after the hurricane is still one of my favorite sailing memories.


She just has more freeboard and a tiny bit wider, the rocker is still the same. I was just trying to make her a bit safer like the CS17. I have seen the CS17 heeled over to where I could see the centerboard root out of the water and still return back to an even keel without any help from the crew. The standard BRS would have capsized well before this.


Here is a render of the BRS mk2 heeling at 45 degrees.

BRS 15 @45 deg.jpg

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