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  1. The sail lashing method I used is the fourth from the right in the photo, “Correct” - zig zag lacing. Sails set very well with good downhaul tension. I need to sail her in more varied wind conditions to see how well I like lacing.
  2. Great idea, Graham. I am dealing with this issue right now with my new BRS 15 mk2. We took it for the first sail yesterday and when rigging down, were able to leave the sails lashed to the masts when laying the masts down. I disconnected the sprit tackle from the masts (snaps), and because of the way I installed the lashing, the sails naturally flaked with a little assistance. I was then able to roll the flaked sail, still lashed to the mast, from the clew up to the mast, then stuff each sail in its own sailbag. These bags then hung down into the hull, mostly, and travelled well at highway speeds. All lines still remained reaved through their blocks, except the sheets and snotter tackles are unsnapped from their sailing positions. I still have the loose ends of lines to deal with, but experience should allow me to clean these up.
  3. Good report, Alan. Wish I was close enough to help out.
  4. Bobby Chilek is building me a BRS 15 mk2 (#1), original BRS 15 redesign by Graham. Slightly beamier and deeper, with offset centerboard up against seat front. Bobby is now the proud (I think) owner of Pilgrim, Princss 22 #12 built for me by Charlie Jones. Graham says she will hold a total displacement of 800 lbs,, plenty for a couple guys to take a week-long excursion, such as the Texas 200. Outside of hull is glassed but not finished sanding/filling. Now to see if I can add a picture...
  5. If this works, it is a video of Pilgrim on a close reach down Aransas Bay on the Texas 200. Graham was in sight, but too far away for more video this day. We veered off and went into Rockport for a great hamburger lunch and more ice. It was a great day of sailing. 8AB8EF4A-4C06-4542-95A2-851E8DA983AB.MOV
  6. On Pilgrim, my P22, the sheet passes through a block on the end of mizzen sprit and cleats off on a belaying pin on either side of the cabin bulkhead, depending on which tack I'm on. The halyard cleats off on a horn cleat mounted on the outside of either cockpit coming. Seems to work ok.
  7. How practical would a retrofit be for Pilgrim, my P22? I have never liked the ss track.
  8. Pretty easy. Done from the mast. I use fairly typical jiffy reefing on both masts.
  9. Exiting South Pass from San Antonio Bay into Espititu Santo Bay, Texas
  10. We had to replace the cockpit sole and all bulkheads under it, also the motor transom. It was unventilated and got dry rot. I also replaced part of the stbd lazarette hatch area. It might have been caused by not getting all the rot on the other job.
  11. After I repaired the wood on Pilgrim's main tabernacle, I laid down about 12 layers of light weight glass tape and epoxy around the sides and back of the top of the tabernacle. I faired it in well and you can hardly see the repair. Keeping the pivot bolt tight, I've sailed her the past two seasons pretty hard in some strong winds. There is zero evidence of any stress/damage at this time. The weather is not your friend on the tabernacles. I have tried to keep the end grain glassed over and sealed the last couple of years. If your boat lives outside, I recomment covering the tabernacles against the sun and rain/dew.
  12. That is a very good price. Materials alone will cost you much more than that.
  13. Hey, Graham, have you had opportunity to do anything more on Carlita? Any more pictures?
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