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sail question: grommets on either side of clew

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I've just (finally) finished re-rigging an older CS 17 (#218) from a sock-style sail to the new new sail track.  I have new sails and am very happy with the performance of the boat thus far.  Thanks to everybody who gave advice along the way.  I have a more basic sail question that I need help with.  In the picture below, you will see two grommets on either side of the clew where I have affixed a snap hook.  What is the purpose of those grommets?


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Thanks for the heads up about the cheek block.  It very well could be on backwards since I didn't know there was a backwards or forwards to the cheek block to begin with.  I will check it out.  Thanks!

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4 hours ago, Designer said:

It is hard to tell from the picture if the forward cheek block is on backwards. The sheave should be forward to allow room for the reefing line to pass down the aft side before it turns forward.



Yeah, that cheek block is on backwards.  I think it is an easy fix.  Thanks!


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Thrillsbe, yes,  I just ordered a couple more of the soft shackles.  I'm using one already and I really appreciate its weight and flexibility.  Thank you.





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