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  1. Hi FH Attached see an open office impress doc with my ideas for the web setup Could you give me the URL for the domain "checker" web page, we should be good to go there Attached see "front page identity picture' I would like to go live with a page setup Oct 1, with lots of social media hash tags ---- RSVP Front page.pdf
  2. Sounds crazy to me too, I am considering driving from Miami. Few questions Used in fresh water only? Galvanized trailer, hubs OK, last time it went over 15 miles on the trailer?
  4. Hello Frank Hagen I am considering setting up a trailerable funboat timeshare in Miami. Boats would include a rebuilt 18ft Roballo center console fishing boat and "Giglia", by just built 16 foot Lapwing 16 cat ketch. The concept is to gather carefully selected participants who are boat knowlegeable, maybe, in its maturity, 15 members Appointments could be made through a web page, each member paying a semi-annual fee and accessing the boats for a equal "share" of time during the year. This boats would be turn-key provisioned and ready for each appointment by myself and the people who work with me at my boatshop in North Miami beach, FL The boats would be maintained by us. --------------- Would your new web hosting server be appropriate? Is this the kind of customer you would be interested in?
  5. That is not a Lapwing thing. It is me prototyping with this boat to see what works best. You may have it right
  6. YUP bilge boards, leeward one down when going to windward. I wanted people room in the forward area Old fashioned belaying pins on masts. My version of reefing is a third mast station, according to Grahams design. You can see the "hole" in the forward thwart in the pics. I have not sailed here yet with the main-in extra position. I just received a Tohatsu 3.5 HP 4 stroke and plan a motorized dinghy configuration option, leaving home the rudder and masts I will post some pics of that setup when I finish mounting plates on the inner transom. I plan a 40 pound sandbag up front for this config.. Hope the coast guard does not ask about flotation....answer plenty of plastic "toys-are-us" colored balls in quarters and forward behind forward bulkhead.
  7. If the weather is good this afternoon, I will be taking lots of pics this afternoon. Stay tuned!
  8. I originally purchased the plans for EC22 Then got real about expenses. Who knows about next year?
  9. April 20 Start just south of the bridge to Key Biscayne ...8 AM Route all set up in my Garmin GPS with 22 waypoints Wind DIRECTLY from the south, uhh the way we must go. Rules are weird in this race, the larger boats can motor south through the several very narrow channels A third of the way we are thinking time to scrub the trip.....a 42.5 mile beat to windward. Then the wind gets fluky, my inexperienced first mate Vlad says, "What's this" I look behind...big storm in Hollywood Florida 25 miles north. Pretty soon we are making a wake like a motorboat, bildgeboards up, rudder set to kick up if we hit ground, cold wind directly form the North where the storm is.. Flying south, seeing the bottom right below us. I know it is mid tide and rising, I know these waters. No races scrubbing here! 3/4 of the way there; the wind decided, well, to not be there, at ALL. Now we are doing the Sargasso sea thing, thinking about laso-ing one of the Card Sound mosquitoes....they are BIG. Battery dead on the GPS. Vlad says, "Go find the wind!"...huh. We wait, eat, tell some stories, talk the the third passenger, by parrot. And wait.... Till little breeze takes us very slowly the rest of the way, finding the green flasher at the north end of Jewfish creek with chart and binoculars. I am thinking, I gettin pretty old, I can not see squat in the darkiness. Through the creek to dock-age at 1:15 AM Sunday. Everyone has partied and gone to bed Call a cab, are are none available, so they send a limo for the same price Here we come Tiki Suite ------------------------------- But the next morning, as the big guys headed back for Miami, they saw a pretty tiny cat ketch with no motor ....those guys are brave, or stupid or both Thanks BandB Donald Crampton, M.D. Skipper and builder
  10. Sorry to start a nw topic her, messing about forum does not appear to have a very good forum seach engine. Launching will occur soon on Lapwing 15. So, time to make preliminary decisions on sheet path and sheet block positioning. Maybe, some help on how to find this info on the forum
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