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Spindrift 11N Build Log


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Sorry I missed your post, I'll get you the brand this evening. I ordered the foam off the internet from a company in Florida and the next day someone used my credit card to buy $50 worth of pizza in Florida. So you'll probably want to find another supplier.


I re-did the seat tops for my foam seats this spring as I had the grain in the wood running in the wrong direction. I pulled off the old tops and used them as a template for cutting out the new tops. When I went to reattach the tops I found they were too big. It turns out the foams seats had shrunk over the winter.  

While I was at it I also added some wood under the plywood and rounded over the edge so not the seats are much more comfortable.


I've been sailing the Spindrift regularly on the Potomac this season and loving it.






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