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Spindrift 11N Build Log


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I bought my oarlocks at Duckworks. They also have carbon fiber joints to make take-apart oars. I made my oars and made clips to hold the tips on the seats since the above pic was made, but it's not a perfect solution. Take apart oars would be better. I may eventually modify mine. I do order my epoxy and other stuff from B & B to support the brand.

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Thanks to everyone who showed me how they installed their gunwales. I'm glad to see that no one faired(?) the ends together. Trying to figure out how to do that was making my brain hurt.


I got my oarlocks with my kit from B&B.


I'm also interested in some two part oars and how to store them inside the boat but it will be a while before I reach that point.

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I bought my oars from Fisheries Supply.  They carry Barkley Sound oars from BC that are made with lightweight spruce, and have a nice shape. (I own two sets of Barkley oars.) They're  about $40 each, depending on length.  They also carry all the oarlock hardware you'll need.  And they offer both Sea Dog and Perko products in that stuff.  Best news is that by the time you get the collar kit or hardware, you'll qualify for free shipping.  Here's the link:  https://www.fisheriessupply.com/barkley-sound-oars-qualicum-oar. The only negative thing I can say about them is that the varnish job was not up to my standards.  I simply gave them a light sanding to smooth out the lumps, and gave them a coat of Captain's.  


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I just used clear glossy spar varnish for everything I left bright, so the mahogany and spruce are their natural colors.




I carved my own oars from some extra spruce I got. I found some basic oar plans online and modified them to what I wanted. The photo doesn't show it well but I carved the shaft in an octagonal shape. This photo was taken before I wrapped the handles with twine at the grip and the sleeve. I really debated making two part oars but in the end I did not. I made my Spindrift to stow on the small foredeck of my J/24, but there's no problem having long oars belowdeck alongside the spinnaker pole, etc. And once the Spindrift is assembled it's not a problem keeping the full length oars on the little boat either. 



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I got my gunwales installed. After asking for advice on the tip I ended up doing it wrong differently anyways. I placed the forward screws in the gunwales as far forward as I could now they're in the way of squaring off the tip. I could just move the screws back but I think it'll work fine this way.



The port side forward screw is the one that would get in the way of squaring off the tip.




Can't have enough clamps








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I've installed the forward bulkhead and I spent a couple of days planning down the gunwales and installed the forward and nesting bulkheads as well as the transom. I checked that the boat was square and then tack glued the seems. I did check that the boat was reasonably true before epoxying the seems. While it maybe wasn't perfect the bubble was between the lines of my level everywhere I checked so I called it close enough.


At this point I've filleted all the seems in the aft hull section and started laying down the fiberglass. With the weather warming up and the days getting longer I'm hoping to be able to get some hours in during the week and not just on the weekends.






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Looking good and bringing back fun memories. All that taping and glass work is time consuming and I'd get that completely done before you cut it in half, but that is just me. I was reminded looking at all the epoxy spots on the plywood how my OCD kicking in would drive me nuts during my build. The day you roll a nice coat of epoxy on it all takes care of that. Maybe it doesn't bother you.


When you get there that first sail is magic!

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Lots of slow progress the last few weeks. I've not gotten all of the interior seams filleted and taped and am about 2/3rds of the way through with the aft seating.  I figure I have about another days work and then I can flip the boat and start fairing the hull.





 my fancy filleting tools.





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