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  1. Steve, I don't come around this forum very often these days, but I still have my CS20. I remember meeting you at the MASCF event what now must be many years ago. I opened your thread just to see what was you were up to. I still crab and fish from my CS20, and it is certainly my go to boat for sailing around my river home. My joy of sail boat. I thought at one point I might sell it, but it has never gone on the market. I am glad to see you have your Core Sound up and running. I wish you many wonderful hours on board. Brent
  2. Thanks for your thoughts Graham. The decision to sell has not been easy . The Princess has been a wonderful boat. She has seen plenty of miles these past few years. This boat has become well known along the Chesapeake. We are often greeted by curious boat lovers when we drop anchor in a new place. We have been introduced in social circles as the people who own that fast cat ketch...
  3. I just posted a classified add for my Princess 26. Those of you who have followed this forum for a few years may recall this boat is built using foam core with carbon fiber masts, and has standing head room. Details are in the classified add. This boat has been a joy to own and sail. It has served as our gateway from open boats to extended cruising. We are now taking the next step to much larger blue water boat. So, I would love for this boat to find a home with someone who is ready for a great trailerable cruiser. As many here will appreciate Graham designs a wonderful boat. Navigator has certainly fulfilled my expectations for a great sailing boat that is comfortable to be on board. This is the third B&B boat I have built: I still have and love sailing my Core Sound 20 and wish I still had the Spindrift 12 too.
  4. 2015 B&B Yachts Princess 26 with 6’3” standing headroom. A standout in its class with foam core and epoxy fiberglass construction resulting in a very strong and light weight build. This boat is a capable coastal sailer with cruising comfort to stay out for the long haul. The two masts are free standing carbon fiber. The masts are mounted on carbon fiber reinforced tabernacles making raising the lower the masts an easy task for one person. The large sail area provides power to move the boat in light air, and the easy reefing system keeps the boat balanced on her feet when the breeze freshens. The sprit rig system makes for good sail shape control and very easy sailing. The sails are by Meade Breese and are mounted on sail track for easy hoisting and furling. Requiring only 14” of draft when the centerboard is tucked allows the full joys of shallow water sailing. Fully deployed the NACA foil centerboard draws 5’6” and provides excellent windward sailing. Setup as a cruiser for a couple. There is a very comfortable berth forward, an enclosed head, the galley has a sink and 2 burner cooktop plus oven, nav station, and a quarter berth. Ample storage and room below to stretch out. Ventilation is provided by a large forward hatch, 6 opening port lights, and the main companionway. Garmin GPS with Chirp depth sounder, autopilot, VHF, and battery charger. Bilge pump with switch. 40 gallon water tank, with gusher foot pumps at head sink and galley sink. 2015 Yamaha 9.9 high thrust four stroke with power tilt and electric start. Motor is rigged to steer in alignment with the rudder. Tows well on her trailer. Great for keeping cost of ownership low and expanding your cruising area. See a thread on this forum about Build Details. See also B&B Princess Design description. $16,000 If you ever thought of owning a Princess, now is an incredible opportunity.
  5. where are they? I don't see a separate section for cruising stories. I don't see them in the B&B section. I don't come round here often, maybe I am out of touch. Brent
  6. I put my oarlocks at deck height in a position that allows me to stand as far forward as possible without hitting my face on the missen mast. The tiller is long enough to ride between my knees. Pretty simple. I also put oarlocks forward of the missen for serious rowing. In 15 years of sailing the boat I have used the forward rowing station twice.
  7. Rowing facing forward works very well for me. My CS20 sails so well in even a wisper of wind that rowing is seldom required. I expect the same from Lapwing. When I do row I have the sails up and the rudder between my knees. A few strokes of the oars to move the boat thru a tight spot or around the bend to catch the next breeze is all that is required. My oars are 9'6" This is the longest length that makes for good storing on my boat. Rowing is comfortable and efficient at this length. Setting up to skull from the stern is a good idea for moving the boat in close quarters, but insufficient to go against the tide in my waters.
  8. The stay sail is a hoot to fly. I have used it it wander home at slow speed when the wind drops off, or go screaming off at double digit speeds in a breeze. Downside is the stay sail is fussy to jibe, limiting it use for a single handed sailor. I believe a screecher launched from a bow sprit would provide similar joy, while being easier to jibe. However helm balance is going to be a problem in a breeze.
  9. Steve, next time I build I am considering mounting one of the ladders intended for mounting UNDER a swim platform, only mounted in a water tight compartment a few inches above the water line. The idea is that when retracted the ladder is inside the boat and mostly out of site.
  10. I have been rowing a CS20 standing up for years. My boat is set up with rowing stations fore and aft of the mizzen. When sailing solos the forward station is best for long rowing situations as it getting the boat balanced with the stern riding high. In practice the boat sails so well on a whisper that long rowing situations are very rare. By the time I get rigged to row using the forward position a breath of wind comes along and moves the boat at least as fast as I can row. So what ends up happening is I use the aft rowing station standing up facing forward with the tiller between my knees and and oar in each hand while working the boat through close quarters, or getting around the bend to catch the next wind. I find the position quite comfortable and can deliver enough force to push the boat through a running tide. My oars are 9'6" and I am 6'2" tall. I also tried a yulou or sculling oar out the stern. This definitely works, and sculling at slow speeds with good technique can be sustained for long periods of time/distance. A proper yulou for the CS20 ends up about 14-16' long; I found storing it on board is a problem. I ended up preferring oars as above. Brent
  11. Good basic plan. There is plenty or room for variation if weather or whim dictates. I am making plans to be ready to depart Chapel Creek on Tuesday morning.
  12. I am hoping to come early and do some sailing too. It would be great to cruise with you!
  13. Tom, Garry, I have sent you both PMs. Thanks for responding to my post. Brent
  14. If you gave a Spindrift 9 or catspaw 8 that you would like to sell or trade let me know. Sorry but I am not particularly interested in the nesting versions.. Brent
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