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  1. SteveJW

    CS 17

    Somehow I missed this build. Fantastic Work!!
  2. So Nice! Congratulations on a beautiful boat, and thanks for sharing your build with us.
  3. Great to see the progress and see the things that don't go as planned. Hopefully I can remember the mast tube lesson when I start my build.
  4. Thanks for the reply Chick. Sounds like Friday afternoon is better than Sunday. I'll rearrange work schedule to make it happen. -Steve
  5. Chick and Don, Will there be anything going on Sunday Morning other than packing up to head home? I've been looking forward to ApMAB for a while, but I have a wedding to attend Saturday. I do wish couples would do a better job of scheduling hitches, but I digress. Or perhaps Friday afternoon would be better than Sunday morning? I would certainly hate to miss an opportunity to check out Local Honey and Summer Breeze. Thanks, Steve
  6. Ditto what Alex said. These videos really capture the intensity and variety of conditions. The anchoring footage in Highsmith's (Swimboy's) video was neat too. Thanks for taking the time to video, edit, and report!
  7. Forum Wisdom Abounds. Lovin' it!! Congratulations Fats!
  8. Thanks for all the comments, advise, expertise, and sources everyone. -Steve
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I should have specified that I'm looking at the Okoume. I've read positive comments about The Hardwood Store of NC on some general woodworking sites. They've been in business for 20+ years, so they're doing something right with their customers. 1blueheron, I am in western NC, so I'll definitely check out scroungers paradise. Thanks again for your input! -Steve
  10. Hello All, In an attempt to source marine plywood closer to home for my CS17, I discovered that The Hardwood Store of North Carolina, located in Gibsonville, NC, carries marine plywood that is manufactured in Greece by Mourikis. I have not seen this plywood yet since it is a 3.75 hour drive (one-way). Is anyone familiar with Mourikis and the quality of their marine plywood? Thanks, Steve
  11. Lookin' Great Chespearl. Keep those photos coming!
  12. I've read them all too. I didn't notice the "0 Views" until now. I guess the counter is broke?
  13. Thanks for the great pics and great story! -Steve
  14. That's great. Thanks Charlie!
  15. Norm, For those of us that'll be building b-mouth spars soon, can you take a few pictures of the blocking when you split the staves apart? Or Charlie, can you attempt to attach your pics again. Thanks Guys!! Steve
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