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  1. Great posts, thanks for sharing. I am inching along on a OB20 build as my first ever project. One question I have is when I am ready to cover the hull with fiberglass, should I first apply a coat of epoxy to the hull, allow it to get tacky, then lay the cloth and apply more epoxy; or keep the hull clean lay the fiberglass then apply epoxy? It's a rookie question I'm sure, but it seems to me if epoxy is first applied the cloth will be difficult to lay smooth. Greg
  2. Hello, So I've made some progress! I had to carve out some time, but I determined to find a full weekend to work. My health is 80% so that's good! Now I fi nd that my big challenge is to get past the mistakes I make and discover only too late to completely correct. My goal is to get a boat in the water and pray that is behaves like a proper boat should. I also had a challenge in getting my photos loaded onto my computer and then this forum. Seem my hard drive is failing, and so is the one on my computer! I'll see my doctor about the first issue.
  3. Just a note...health issues struck. Project on hold but not abandoned. I would have to answer too many questions by my son in law if II were to give up! updates as possible.
  4. Treywil, I am a first time builder working on an Other Banks 20. Tonight I was scrolling through discussions trying to get paint tips. Would you mind providing some details on the paint/technique/colors you used. I see the photo you posted on March14 which looks great. Thanks, Greg
  5. Yes that is what I meant, the B&B mix. So that is good, I will use the resin/hardener mix on these panels that are new, clean and lay flat on each other, and add the mix for the finger joints. I'm not clear about...."Just use cabosil to thicken the epoxy for other gluing jobs"...so I would purchase cabosil also and add it to the resin/hardener mix for maybe small points of contact that I am gluing? Thanks, Again
  6. As I begin to assemble parts of my build I have questions about the use of epoxy I hope to get help on. When I am joining flat surfaces of plywood to each other can they be glued with mixed resin and hardener, or must the mix always be combined with wood flour? I have the B&B resin, hardener and mix. I know the wood will absorb a portion of the epoxy and I should avoid having a dry joint by wetting each surface. I am questioning when I can use just epoxy and when I should be mixing the epoxy with the wood flour. I have not used any of this before so don't hesitate to "school" me ! What about finger joints, same general question here too?
  7. Hello JP6210... Where can I locate the "Red Hawk" system? Cheaper is my price range! Thanks
  8. What About Bob? "Baby Steps"
  9. GAP333


    I got it now...
  10. Got it thanks...here is a pile of a boat Hull # 44 Outer Banks 20...my son in law took a look and said "that is a boat?" ha
  11. I made the trip to Bayboro, NC this past Saturday to pick up my Outer Banks 20 kit, hull #44. It was five hours each way and a couple hours at the shop with Graham and Alan. I am very please with the kit. The precision of the cuts is excellent. Alot of thought was put into the marking each part and I also received some great advice. All in all I couldn't be more satisfied. I thought I would include a photo of the pile of parts. But I don't see any link to add a photo. I have never made anything as large as a bird house. I would recommend this kit to any other fool like me who thinks they can plunge into something they know nothing about !
  12. GAP333


    Hello, I cannot get an "Attach Files" paper clip on my forum post...any suggestions? I do, however see the paper clip on this page! My Post is " Outer Banks 20...build" Thanks, Greg
  13. I start this boat soon. Any more progress on your build? Please continue to post photos if you are ready to share.
  14. Thanks for posting the photos. I will be starting a build soon so keep them coming! Photos are a great help in the process. Your work looks to be excellent.
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