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  1. keen2buildagain

    Aussie Open OB-20 #26

    lenm Sorry no pics yet but I will next chance I get.... They are aluminium and a simple rectangular shape with Tohatsu fuel fittings on the delivery and the breather. Trev
  2. keen2buildagain

    Aussie Open OB-20 #26

    Here is (hopefully) a short Video of the boat at the local marina on an overcast day. 3 people and 60Lts fuel, no effort in getting onto the plane..... IMG_0356.MOV IMG_0356.MOV
  3. keen2buildagain

    Aussie Open OB-20 #26

    Lenm Yes there is enough room for a 60Lt tank forward of the console and one at the rear. This way, when we return home, they are pulled out of the boat and the unused fuel gets distributed between the family car, mowers etc and the bilge is nice and dry..... (I am a bit old school and don't like stale fuel in my engines)
  4. keen2buildagain

    OB 20 Center Console

    Shhhhhhh. North Queensland....paradise on a stick mate, don't go telling everyone!! 😎
  5. keen2buildagain

    OB 20 Center Console

    HI Dave! You're right....who would have thought that two people would have the same idea (and have such good taste)?? Your OB looks great mate, I love what you did with the inside gunnel timber, that looks smart! I too launched mine last Sunday and am most pleased with the way she handles and performs. Keep in touch. Trev
  6. keen2buildagain

    Aussie Open OB-20 #26

    Here are a couple of photos showing CB in the salt for the first time last Sunday. We had 15 - 20 knot winds on the bay that day , which although weren't ideal boating conditions, were in fact perfect to see how she handled. My "crew" bailed out on me saying they didn't want to get wet, so I went alone for a run in the waves. The hull performed well, probably a bit flighty....(from NOT having enough weight eg: me and 20 litres of fuel) in the conditions. Except for the occasional bit of spray running headway into the swell at 45 degrees, it was dry and forgiving. The 70hp proved itself to have plenty of power and with 6 people on board in the flat water, it got the hull up onto the plane with no effort. Many thanks to Graham for his expert advice and support thru the 4 yr build. I will post some shots of her running the first chance I get.
  7. keen2buildagain

    Aussie Open OB-20 #26

    Officially named the wooden tub over a few beers on the weekend. A few touch ups and then off to the salt we go......😁
  8. keen2buildagain

    Aussie Open OB-20 #26

    All done apart from wiring up a few things, "official" launch day in a couple of weeks! I will try to get some shots of her in the water underway.
  9. keen2buildagain

    Aussie Open OB-20 #26

    Time for a break............
  10. keen2buildagain

    Aussie Open OB-20 #26

    I couldn't see an easier way to finish it off. I wasn't looking for praise, but thanks again for the positive comments guys. Ps, PAR, what is a "stretcher"? (the Australian version of a stretcher is something carried in the back of an Ambulance)
  11. keen2buildagain

    Aussie Open OB-20 #26

    This is a Sheetmetal workers way of protecting the edges of the ply on the transom, a bit of "bling" for the timber tub....
  12. keen2buildagain

    Aussie Open OB-20 #26

    She finally saw the light of day after nearly 4 yrs in the shed! We slipped it onto and off the trailer to make sure it (the trailer) was adjusted properly. Floated a tad high at the stern but the motor etc should take care of that.
  13. keen2buildagain

    Utah OB20

    HighDesert, I had the same problem when I came to the shaping of the stem. the simplest way for me (and being a metal worker by trade) was to install a full length keel band, 1" wide. I mirror polished the first 6 or so foot then left the rest the natural finish on the s/s flat bar. I probably should have asked the more experienced guys in the forum first! I hope this wont cause too many problems with the performance of the hull......I don't think it will, but it's too late now to worry about it. Keen
  14. keen2buildagain

    Aussie Open OB-20 #26

    Thanks VT for the comments, here's a couple of shots previously of the well and the drain outlet on the starboard side. Keen
  15. keen2buildagain

    Aussie Open OB-20 #26

    Just another quick update. A bit more sealing and sanding, then the painting begins! (Hate painting) Trev

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