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  1. Looking great! I really want to do this next but I think it'll be too big for my shop. I'll certainly be back following these works of art.
  2. No worries, I do the same thing sometimes! Your 25 is coming along nicely btw!
  3. Not sure how it could get any better. 1.8 gallons per hour at 20 miles per hour works out to 11.1 miles per gallon at that speed. If I am missing something I'm all ears, I won't turn down more effeciency!
  4. And another note regarding the prop, mathematically the prop can not even go the speed I'm getting at wot but I've checked and re checked rpm and speed and it most certainly does. I can't figure that out but it's an older stainless turbo. Maybe they were conservative with pitch measurement?
  5. I've experimented with motor height, props, and various loads and settled on a 13 1/4 x 15 cupped 4 blade prop. I'm mostly after low end torque and fuel economy and this prop works very well. It's slightly under propped with just myself but the hole shot and economy at cruise is exceptional. I'm seeing 1.8gph at 20mph with a top speed of 32mph. With a 3 blade I was able to see 35mph but cruise economy and low end power weren't as good. My boat and motor combo also benefited from the stern lift of the 4 blade prop. There was a slight tendency to porpoise sometimes with a 3 blade but I did not do very much testing with the 3 blades. The boat handles light chop and boat wakes very well even given the light displacement. The bow section just splits the water as intended by graham. I guess this is a wrap until I get the money to start the next one, maybe the ocracoke 20 or 25. A 22 or 23 would be just about perfect though. Thanks again to Graham for designing a great small boat! Hope this info can help future Marissa builders!
  6. I wasn't sure and didn't want to leave anyone out! Can't wait to see how it handles some currituck sound chop.
  7. The boat finally saw water this evening! Testing some props and she's a great running boat so far. Have to try 1 or 2 more props and once the leaning post gets built it will be ready to roll. I will say it likes a 4 blade prop better than a 3 blade. She hops right out of the hole and turns on a dime at speed. Very well designed boat Graham and Alan! Will post final performance numbers soon when it's dialed in but right now I'm seeing 2.2 gph at 22knots, nothing short of amazing in my book!
  8. I will try to be more patient! I'll be checking in from time to time, good luck and enjoy.
  9. I can't wait to see it come together. As I said before it was a tough decision as to which one I was going to build and part of me wishes I chose this one but I'm happy with my Marissa even though I haven't had time to put it in the water yet. The Ocracoke 20 will likely be next for me as well. Did I mention I can't wait to see this come together!
  10. Hi Greg, I used all Alexseal products for the paints and primers. Basically I faired with 80-120 grit on a 2 ft long board I made out of 6mm plywood to get close, then sprayed superbuild primer and faired that and then sprayed finish primer. I sanded that with 320-400 and then sprayed the topcoat. My hullsides are stars and stripes blue and topside is stark white. It has some pretty nasty vapors so a good respirator amd ventilation is a must. I've used awlgrip in the past but I think alexseal's superbuild sands a little better.
  11. I'll be looking forward to seeing you work your magic with this one. I'm sure it will be turn out great!
  12. I was originally planning on a 40 but since the 40,50,60 are essentially the same motor I chose to get the 60. I'm more concerned with low end torque than speed but I'll take it! Hope to see what she will do soon
  13. Thanks, the motor is a 60hp etec. The paint is alexseal stars and stripes blue on the hull sides and stark white up top.
  14. Latest update, she saw sunlight for the first time today. Loaded on a temporary trailer and hung the motor. A couple days of rigging and hardware and she will go to the motor dealer for commissioning. Wont be long now hopefully.
  15. I've been plugging along since my last update, I glassed the inside below decks completely with 1208 and an additional layer of 10 oz on the chines as the plans called for 20oz total on them. The 1208 may be overkill but it's done, just hope I didn't add too much weight. Sole is glued down, casting platform is done, and console is all glued together. Just have to shape the edges like I want and glass it. I do have a question for anyone else that has built this regarding the outboard mounting bolt holes. I have a hair more than 10 1/4" from the top of transom to the top of the sole. If the top mounting holes are 1 7/8 on center down from top of transom and the bottom holes are 8" on center below that, that adds up to 9 7/8 to center of bottom mounting holes; 3/8" above the sole. I'm concerned it will not be enough to allow for the bolt head and washer. I am waiting to glue down those pieces until I know for sure how everything will line up. I can make a kind of a shallow well in that area to gain clearance if needed and possibly help with deck drainage. What has everyone else done? Have I messed up along the way somewhere? Thanks so much for any advice!
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