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  1. Todd— earlier, you were discussing tiller locks. This is the one I plan to add to my boat. The original idea comes from the Roger Barnes videos. This guy figured it out, and made this video. iI tbi k I’d add a bit of shock cord to ti, however.
  2. So, it has been a while. I made fillets for all the bulkheads, and filleted the seam between panels #1 & 2. Then, I laid down some homemade fiberglass tape, to join the pre-glassed panels one and two together. Then, per Russell Brown’s method, I laid Peel Ply over the top. MAN! That worked great! Just know that this cannot be done with glass tape off a roll. In this case, I did not want to glass these panels once assembled. Sanding narrow concave surfaces narrower than my ROS did not sound appealing. To top it off, this area will be varnished, so I wanted it to be as perfect as it
  3. Nice going, TheWeezer! It’s great getting the whole fam involved. Expect them to become scarce, when it comes time to do the sanding.
  4. I bad a moment of clarity last week. (Doesn’t happen often enough.) I realized that a purchased tent will not work. My mainsheet cleats are in the way. I plan to camp on shore most of the time this year. Once I’m done with my current lineup of projects, I’ll see if I can make a Roger Barnes-style tent.
  5. @meester— thanks for the detail. I’ve been experimenting with a ramen bowl and dumping on a foul packet of chicken. Where do you buy your wag bags? @Designer & Meester— Roger Barnes is awesome! Thank you for the tip! It cracks me up how he drags his anchor chain across his seats and inwales.
  6. That sounds like fun. When and where will you be?
  7. @Todd Stein— I was leaning toward more mesh, so I appreciate you sharing your wet setup experience. I shudder what sort of “friends” I would attract in the marshes of the Carolinas. Here’s my latest tent choice, although there are many other things to buy first.
  8. I thought that might be Summer Breeze, back there in the pack. You’ve got a nice boat, to be sure. B&B has a lovely design in the CS17.3, and Chick is a master builder. I look forward to seeing you sail her in the WCTSS FB page.
  9. I really want to cruise the Inner Banks, but it doubles my driving time. Maybe once I get my skills and camping kit figured out, it’ll be time to tackle that area.
  10. @mattp— This is perfect info! Can’t thank you enough.
  11. Do understand that when you take a boat designed for a specific purpose, and adapt it to an entirely different one, your chances of success are limited. That said, I have a spritsail rig. I would not recommend trying to set it up in a tippy boat. Instead, I recommend buying a used kid’s rig for a wind surfer. The masts are light and stow-able, and the sails are small and simple. Here’s an example. https://www.sailworks.com/the-gear/used-gear/used-sails/used-2018-ripper-2-5-kids-sail.html
  12. Hang in there! She’ll be a great little boat to sail. 2B2DBB24-0CF0-45CA-86E4-6B4E12F752FD.MOV
  13. @Hirilonde— look at this 12’ rowboat by Sam Devlin. This might be what you’re looking for. https://devlinboat.com/peeper-12/
  14. @Hirilonde— here’s how they have me gluing the laps. She’s upside down. Here are the lap-gaps. You’re supposed to make a medium-thin epoxy batch, and shoot it in there with a syringe. They supplied me with some tiny syringes. I had a turkey injector that accepted 4 times as much epoxy. At any rate, it came out great. I took out the wires, except for the bulkheads. I’ll come back later, and pretty up the seams. Now, I’m to flip her back over, and fillet in the bulkheads.
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