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  1. Well, if I’m gonna finish this cutie, I’d better get going. Cruising with Graham got me inspired again. I glued in the seat tanks, minus inspection ports. I was so “inspired”, that I forgot to put reinforcing stringers inside my 4mm seats. Since I had some scrap 4oz glass, I thought it couldn’t hurt to beef them up a bit. I used some scrap blue poly tarp to make a pattern. Today, I bolted the two halves together, and broke out the Quick Fair. I’m hoping I can get some primer on the interior soon! Time will tell.
  2. I already have a sealable access compartment up forward for stuff like that. It’s just that I put those ports in a dinghy I built a long time ago. Always wondered why I did, since I almost never went in there. It is easier to reinforce and cut the holes now, which is why I’m asking. I think I’m gonna skip it.
  3. Thanks. I’m going light gray interior and navy (Sapphire Blue) on exterior.
  4. I bought B&B’s Quick Connect hardware for my Two Paw 8. I’m hoping to complete her and file a report “sometime” this spring. Stay tuned.
  5. OK, the lull is over. The Spring Messabout inspired me to get rolling again. I live it, when I can borrow techniques from one hobby to another; it sort of justifies both of them. Chick Ludwig introduced me to RC airplanes. Flite Test’s products have taught me the value of Adams foam board ($1/sheet!) and a hot melt glue gun. I used foam board to cut precise patterns for my aft seats. Then, I used those scraps to hold the pieces in position for the fillets. I’m pleased with the results. My big question: Do I really need inspection ports in these air chambers? PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE!
  6. Sunday was spent getting back to the launch site. Because the Puddle Duck didn’t have an auxiliary, timing the tidal currents in the creeks was a significant factor. I launched at their ramp, and joined them for some of the beat up the ICW. The rain showers were iff and on all morning, but cleared for our ramp activities.
  7. I met Graham at Bull Island this morning. We had a chat, ate lunch on his Carlita, and went ashore. I think we hiked about 6 miles! Saw lots of wildlife, including only one alligator.
  8. @gray duck-- I have an open boat (a Bay River Skiff), so I won't be staying on the boat overnight like Graham. I have reserved a campsite at the KOA in Mt. Pleasant. I'll arrive on Friday. Any chance you could join us for at least one day?
  9. @Designer— The only overnight parking boat launches are at McClellanville and Buck Hall. Buck Hall is closer to Bull Island, but is connected by thin water. Garris (Formerly Morris) Landing is ideal for going to Bull Island, but there is a $150 fine for overnight parking. Us day trippers will be using Garris.
  10. @Designer— You are right about rain in open boats. Friday’s 90% chance of rain, and an accumulation of 1/2” does not sound like fun. I am poised to make an adjustment in my plans. If Chick cancels (which I expect), I will drive to the Mt. Pleasant KOA on Friday (instead of Thursday), and set up in the rain. I’ll stay an extra day and sail on Saturday and Sunday, launching at Garris Landing. There aren’t many going, but I really want to explore this area. I’ll go, even if no one else does. I’d love to see you, but given the small turnout, I’d understand if you didn’t come.
  11. I’ve been under the weather, but I did complete the d/b trunk. All that’s left for this half is to finalize the forward hatch, fair & sand, prime and paint. I did mentally switch over to thinking about the floatation tanks for the after half. I think I’m going to do mine much like Pete McCrary’s TP7. I want more agressive floatation when my grandkids are sailing. Maybe these can be add-ons. At least I’m nearly done with the forward interior.
  12. I love the extended fwd keel idea. Not too late for me to do that one!
  13. @Kennneee, I’m thinking of naming this one 2 Bits! The D/B has been glued in place. My question: Is the thickened epoxy enough, given the increased surface area (3/4x3/4)? I do plan to fillet and tape to the center bulkhead.
  14. I’m pecking away at the pram. I’ve faired out most of the lumps in the forward half. The daggerboard trunk is about ready to be glued in. I wanted to tape it in place, but I had some bowing in my side plates. I needed these reinforcements to flatten it out.
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