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  1. Frank, I want to post a thread on the B&B page. It will be step-by-step instructions, containing photos with text in-between. When I’ve posted multiple photos in the past, it puts the photos all together at the end. Is there a way to insert text in-between them? Can I write it in Word, and paste it in? How can I do this?
  2. How far back does the casting platform go— to bulkhead #2, or back to amidships?
  3. As usual, the EC22 is hard to beat in a race.
  4. In a former life, I ran a crash test program for an automotive company. When I view this last photo, I think of a barrier crash sequence. This is a big lead dagger headed forward at great speed. I sure hope you made it home safely!
  5. Here are some photos I took. Videos to follow.
  6. And another from a windier day. 975FCF51-A2B6-4C8A-8420-F44A3233C028.MOV
  7. Here’s a great sailing video from last summer. She flies through the water! 02E54811-9660-4A24-A54D-2D64CEF3312B.MOV
  8. I used Rustoleum products on my masts. I took care to sand immediately before applying the etching primer. The paint is holding up very well after four years’ use, with one exception. The high stress areas around the base are too much for this paint. As you can see, it has chipped off. Everywhere else, it looks perfect. Not sure if any paint could withstand this stress. If I were to do something differently, it would be to not paint this part of the mast.
  9. Titebond III is a good product. The Brooklin Boatyard uses it alongside epoxy for such purposes as edge joining transom boards, etc. The main point why you need epoxy instead of Titebond III or other glues is simple. Stitch and glue boats use fillets and tape (instead of chines, for example) to provide strength at the seams. Would you thicken Titebond III, make a fillet, and use it to bond glass tape? I don’t think so! If you want to use those glues, choose a different type of construction.
  10. Too bad about the knee. At least you’ll make it to the messabout. Rest, listen to the doctors, and we’ll see you in a few weeks.
  11. I built my skiff outdoors over the winter. Granted, I live in North Carolina, and there were long dormant spells during the dead of winter. I worked on the smaller parts in my unheated (but warmer) garage, when possible. You can even switch to a fast hardener, if it’s cool. But in the end, you’re going to experience slower cure times if it’s cold. (I agree with Chick, of course. Epoxy is the perfect product.)
  12. Congrats on your launch! She slides through the water so smoothly. Now the fun begins. Can’t wait to see her at the Messabout.
  13. You clean up at the end of each day??? What a novel idea. I’ll have to try that sometime. You’re doing a beautiful job.
  14. I’m with Meester. I enjoy the process. I will add that it took me 15 months to build my BRS15. Please note that many days I only worked 4-6 hours on it. I was also repeatedly interrupted by “life”. But such is life. This winter, I decided to build a Two Paw 8. I figured it would only take a couple of months. Between laziness and “life”, it took six months. But I enjoyed the process, and wasn’t looking to save money by building it myself. It was fun to build, and I now have a sweet nesting boat.
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