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  1. Thrillsbe

    Bulls Bay Expedition and Messabout

    @Chick Ludwig— There is plenty of thin water and oyster rocks to kiss the bottom of Ol’ Codger. But there are many through channels, as well. The bay is open to the ocean, but the bay itself is quite shallow. There are plenty of places to open ‘er up, pull up on a beach, or run aground. Good fun’s a-waitin’! Attached is some detail. One is a photo of a chart I have. I’ll bring that up, when I come to see you. The rest are screen shots off an app on my phone (iSailor). One shows the depths behind Bull Island. Back in the day, before the ICW, plantation owners in the Georgetown area would get goods to and from Charleston using these back creeks. So, yes, they’re deep enough, if you know where to look for them (I’m told).
  2. Thrillsbe

    Bulls Bay Expedition and Messabout

    We’ll give you a tow, when you run out of gas. Glad you’re going.
  3. Just north of Charleston, SC lies the Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge. It is a large bay and an archeplegaio of islands that I’ve been reading about for some time. This year, I plan to explore this area. In mentioning this to others, a group sort of formed. We’ll be gathering for our assault on April 6, 2019. I’ll be camping at Buck Hall campground, arriving on Thursday. Others will launch at Buck Hall, and sleep on their boats. You are welcome to join us. If you decide to come, let me know. I’m looking forward to gunkholing in the SC Lowcountry. I hope you’ll join me. Camping reservations may be made online at https://www.recreation.gov/search?q=Buck Hall Recreation Area&entity_id=234128&entity_type=campground
  4. Thrillsbe

    Building a Two Paw 8 for Trailer Camping

    I did the dirty deed today— I cut a perfectly good boat in two. It went well. I tried using my Roto-Zip. It was OK, but a little hairy. A sharp handsaw worked best. I started with my grandfather’s old saw, but switched to a sharp one later on. Don Rausch stopped by to help.
  5. Thrillsbe

    Building a Two Paw 8 for Trailer Camping

    @AmosSwogger— This one’s for you! Yes, Virginia, I have air bubbles.
  6. Thrillsbe

    Building a Two Paw 8 for Trailer Camping

    That’s what I thought, Chick. But according to the instructions, the keel comes after the outside seams have been taped. Very soon, I get to cut her up. Then, I do my outside taping, button her back together, and work on the keel. That’s the plan. But first, I need to get my bulkhead bolts back in place.
  7. Thrillsbe

    Building a Two Paw 8 for Trailer Camping

    I can’t wait for that step, Jay! Here’s where I stand, as of Feb. 6, 2019. Don’t I attach the keel & skeg, before I bring out the saw? I have to check my instructions.
  8. Thrillsbe

    Building a Two Paw 8 for Trailer Camping

    I’m pecking away at this little boat, step-by-step. I thought I was getting ready for the big “Cut ‘er Up” step, until I consulted my instructions. Darn! I needed to do the quarterknees. That was my morning— cutting and tweaking these little parts, until I was happy with the fit. Incidentally, I want to share one of my tricks with you. I use Adams’ foam board to make my patterns. You can buy a sheet of it at the Dollar Tree/General/Store for a buck. It marks up easily. It cuts with a knife or scissors. Notchy curves can be sweetened with some sandpaper. Best of all, you can photocopy your plans and spray-glue them to this board, and cut it out with a razor knife. I love this stuff!
  9. Thrillsbe

    Building a Two Paw 8 for Trailer Camping

    Today was sanding day. I also sealed the interior with one coat of epoxy. It gets one or two more, with more sanding at the end. (Yee-hah to the sanding!)
  10. Thrillsbe

    A Two Paw 7 build, "Catnip" . .

    Mighty fine, Pete! I've ordered my paint from Fisheries Supply. Good prices, free shipping over $99, and no hazmat fee! I want to paint my forward seat/deck/box, before I button it up. What is facing me right now is the dreaded sanding of the interior. Then, I need to apply my two (three?) coats of epoxy. By then, the paint will arrive, and I can proceed with the fwd deck.
  11. Thrillsbe

    Building a Two Paw 8 for Trailer Camping

    I’m fighting a cold at the moment, so I’m trying to minimize my time in the chilly garage/workshop. I lay out parts upstairs, and go down to the shop to make my cuts. I’m working out the details of the forward seat area. This is primarily a fishing/sailing craft, so floatation and storage are the objectives. The hatch will be a kayak-style sealed compartment. The parts are ready now, and held together with little beads of hot-melt. When I stop hacking and sniffing, I’ll glue it up. I can’t wait to get rid of that 3/4” X 3/4” cross brace!
  12. Thrillsbe

    Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    It is my understanding that foam-filled chambers promote rot more than sealed empty ones. Have you discussed this with Graham?
  13. Thrillsbe

    Broken Finger Joint Repair?

    Yeah, a butt joint would be my answer. It just creeps me out to read “Broken Finger_____ Repair”. But I’ll get over it.
  14. Thrillsbe

    Building a Two Paw 8 for Trailer Camping

    In vexing situations, some say “press on regardless”. My daughter says “it’s all good”. My pastor says “be at peace”. With these thoughts in mind, I peacefully pressed on, knowing that it would be good— or at least fixable. I’m here to report that it went well. Here are some photos of my 6-pack bulkheads.
  15. Thrillsbe

    Building a Two Paw 8 for Trailer Camping

    @Chick Ludwig— my longstanding argument is for people to use a proven, hard, marine finish, instead of trying to save $50, and slapping “whatever” on their creation. I think Epiphanes’ one-part is up to the job. Besides, I don’t like mixing up micro batches of paint & hardener. It’s not like you can put the rest back in the can. One of these days, I’m gonna have the balls to paint a boat with Rustoleum’s “marine” paint. Afterall, I painted my Flyfisher 13 with Kirby, the softest paint on the planet. The advantage to the Rustoleum is that my local paint store carries it, and will mix it to any color I choose. Maybe when I refinish Flyfisher...

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