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  1. I don’t have halyards on my boat. But if I did, it would be like this: https://l-36.com/HybridHalyard.php
  2. Be sure to watch Alan’s latest video on CS17.3 setup. Lots to learn in there.
  3. I should explain that foam floatation is required for power boats. But all of B and B’s sailboats use air chambers for floatation.
  4. I rigged up the sail for the first time. The boom is 2” too short! (My wife says “same old story!”). Some day, I’ll check the dims of the sail. Maybe it’s too big. But I’ll make it work for now, and make a longer boom later.
  5. No need for foam. They were airtight floatation chambers. They weren’t big enough to be as effective as I would have liked.
  6. Is there no other way to enter photos except for a link? I want to add photos of my Flyfisher build, and can't find a build thread on the forum.
  7. Oh yeah. Not a biggie. I’ll post some photos of my build in the build photo page.
  8. Hi there Bones! The Flyfisher 13 is a great starter boat. I built one a few years back. It was easy-breezy. I have two tips: 1. Be sure to sandwich the four end pieces, and cut & trim them as a single unit. They must all be perfectly the same for the boat to come out right. I simply shoot a couple of screws through the stack to hold it together. The screws are easy to back out when done. Those holes are easily filled, once you start doing your filets. 2. When gluing in the center reinforcement, be sure to use A LOT of weight. I didn’t, and the boat had a slight hogback shape in the bottom. Not sure what you mean by sixed plywood. Please explain.
  9. Here’s the latest on my two-bit mods. The tanks are done. The interior had one coat of Devthane, and should get the second today. The mast and boom are done. Eventually, I’ll paint the mast. I even made a little masthead float for her! We’ll see if 5# floatation is enough to do the job. I know how to make a bigger one, now.
  10. While mine is not a core Sound 17, the mainsheet setup is fairly standard. And for the snotter attachment, I just use a forked end on the sprit and a loop in my lashing block. And here is my sheeting setup for the mizzen. Hope this helps.
  11. @PadrePoint— I’m up for a side trip to Lake Charlevoix, but it would have to be before the rally/mess. Should I bring my my old Atomic parabolics? LOL
  12. Yay! Can’t wait for the maiden doing the maiden voyage.
  13. I see several on this site, but this is representative. I buy from them… too often! https://www.fisheriessupply.com/panther-marine-10in-lift/55-0407al
  14. She is stunning, Jay. You must be so proud. I can’t wait to see her under way.
  15. Actually, I’ll be bringing my Two Paw 8. Hope I can keep up. I get to sleep on Ted’s 17.3, though. Oh. And since Mark, Ted, and I are DCA members, we might also call it a DCA Rally. Hope you don’t mind.
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