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  1. Keith, I wasn't able to sign up for the event either though I did find your name.
  2. I also know Jim has a good sense of humor! I also moved where I could sail more of the year but find myself so busy I have sailed less than when I lived in Ohio.
  3. Looks great Jim! Keep up the hard work and try not to break any bones.
  4. Consider it a compliment! I have really enjoyed the pictures and it looks like she will be a great boat. I am to the point of painting my newest creation; a 12' sail/row boat of my own design. Wanted something lighter for car/camper topping than my C12. Been doing the final sanding which is oh so much fun :roll: . I did miss our fall sail and would love to book something with you. Not sure how far Kentucky lake is but that land betwen the lakes looks really cool. I am planning on Craigs gettogether, BEER cruise, and the Duckworks Messabout in Texas. Be a fun summer but I do wish I had a bigger boat like your Kingston. Have to make some sort of platform and tent for my C12 that provides some protection from the noseeums I read so much about in Florida. Some year I also plan on doing the everglades challenge primarily just to say I have done it.
  5. Jim, Seems like you are building this boat a little quicker than rudunyet. Definitely gives me some additional motivation to drive up to Ohio for CABBS week at Pymatuning. I want to see the new boat!
  6. Actually, that date works perfectly for a visit to my parents and grandmother in Houston falling in a rare open time on my calendar so the plan at this moment is to attend. Only other question is what to do about a boat. I know there are loaner boats there but still...
  7. Craig, I will be coming most likely by myself with a tent. Are there any sites the activities will be centered around? Is there anyone else out there who might want to share a nicer RV site (otherwise I guess I will go primitive).
  8. I wouldn't miss Craig's get together! I also plan on going to the BEER cruise. Toying with the idea of the Duckworks messabout in Galveston as well though that would be a much longer drive. I have family in Houston though...
  9. Jim, I am jealous of all of the building progress you have made on the Kingston 15. She is looking great! My next big boat still awaits selling our house in Ohio. I still intend to build Welsford's Sweet Pea though plenty of other designs are clamoring for my attention. Any idea on the date for CABBS week? I would like to make it back up to Ohio sometime this summer.
  10. How about making grates out of that plastic lumber sold for making maintenance free decks (off of houses?). I know that stuff is heavy but for a grate it shouldn't be too bad. It is made for good traction and you won't get any splinters.
  11. ScottWidmier

    BYYB site

    Richard Norman is working on getting the BYYB site back up but I have no idea when it will be.
  12. How about a motorsailor? Kinda partial to this one: http://www.boat-links.com/Atkinco/Sail/Surprise.html
  13. John, don't tempt me like that! I have struggled for a long while regarding size and have had to ask some hard questions. Being honest with myself, I can only shake free a couple of days in a row for sailing once to twice a year. The rest of the time I only have a day or two which a longer setup time would cut into. Most overnights are by myself though I haven't had a boat big enough for the family (or more corectly all of the stuff you must bring along). If I bring the whole family the kids would only tolerate two days on the boat regardless of size (well at least in the trailerable range). I don't want to spend my time building a boat for a lawn ornament for most of the year, I want a boat that will get used! I have thought about and currently have smaller boats for daysailing. However, I did really enjoy daysailing with the family on the Pocket Cruiser because it had enough room for people to spread out and a cabin to get out of the sun or rain. A daysailer with a cabin is desireable. I also thought about storing a bigger boat at a marina since I have some good ones on a large lake near my house. That way I could use a bigger boat as a daysailer. However, there is additional expenses with that option. I also like roaming to different sailing grounds and if I had to first load the boat on the trailer before I could go somewhere...that would cut into my roaming. Besides, a lighter boat is less wear and tear on the car and trailer as well as less gas to haul. This means I can go further to meet up with other sailors (like some folks on this board!). One of the best aspects of the Stevenson Pocket Cruiser was the quick setup and launch time as well as the quick recovery time. I have had the privledge of sailing with Jim Stumpf in his beautiful Vacationer and do understand his frustration with longer setup times. I guess I am walking a narrow line between a boat big enough to sleep the family and a boat small enough to easily daysail. I just don't think Eun Mara is that boat. John, I appreciate your posted picture of the Sand Grouse. I didn't appreciate the looks of the boat when I had seen the line drawings only. But it really is a beautiful boat and very salty looking. Just goes to show that a picture is worth a hundred line drawings!
  14. Seeing Jim Stumpf's post got me thinking about my next big boat project. For those of you who don't know me I built a Stevenson Pocket Cruiser in Ohio which I heavily modified and really enjoyed. However, an offer came to move south that I couldn't resist at the same time someone offered to buy my Pocket Cruiser so I am now in Atlanta and my Pocket Cruiser stayed in Ohio. Now I am dreaming of my next project and wouldn't mind a little bit of feedback if you are willing. Needs: What I want is a boat light enough, small enough, and simple enough that she can be easily day sailed. This means a setup time less than 30 minutes and something easily towed behind a minivan. However, I want her to be big enough to comfortable camp cruise a couple for a week or a family of four (with two small but growing kids) for a weekend. I also want her light enough to not cost me a small fortune to drive to sailing grounds afar as I love to explore and meet other builders. I love traditional looks and have always wanted to build a lapstrake boat but I want something that can be finished in a reasonable amount of time. I also want to stay away from a flat bottomed hull perfering a V bottomed or multichine shape (flat bottom on a multichine is fine). I live in a community with a HOA so she needs to be built in a 20' long garage with the door shut. It would be really nice if she could be stored on a trailer in that space or just brought in to pack before a road trip. Now if that isn't a challenging list of wants... I do know I will probably have to compromise on some. Some boats I have identified: Most all of the boats in the size range mentioned above would require modifcation to cram our family in. Sleeping isn't as great a problem as storage for a lot of stuff though I hope following the advice in Frugal Yachting by Larry Brown will help...love that book! Sweet Pea by John Welsford http://www.jwboatdesigns.co.nz/plans/sweetpea/index.htm I keep coming back to this boat. The length and weight are perfect on this boat with its beamy hull giving it the power to stand up to sail. It is the beamiest boat for length that I am considering at 17' 6" long and 7'4" wide which means it has similar volume to several of the longer boats I am considering. The hull isn't lapstrake but its multichine shape looks really good. Don't mind having a boat that can get up and scoot at times. The lightweight Pocket Cruiser could sail surprisingly fast once I got done modifying her. Belhaven by B&B Yachts I love a lot of the design principles behind this boat including the offset centerboard and the V bottom shape. I also think the cabin looks rather roomy for four. It isn't lapstrake, it is too long to store in the garage unless I take up both sides and put it in on the diagonal, and it is heavier. The Bateau.com boats I built their C12 and love the instructions and the performance of the boat. Only one that fits in the size range and can sleep four is the Vagabond 18. Has a lot of nice features but my wife and I want a more traditional look. Though I do keep going back to their website. Welsford 6 meter whaler and Scout The 6 meter has a wonderful classical shaped lapstrake hull but I would need to put a cabin on it. It also would be larger for my build space (barely fitting) and impossible to store in my garage. I also would need to add balast making it a bit much for daysailing. Welsford is working on a scalled down Penguin called "Scout" which is in my size range and has the traditional lapstrake look but again I am afraid its weight makes it harder to daysail. Eun Mara Who wouldn't want to build this boat? However, it looks like too long of a build then requires too much ballast to be easily daysailed. Hartley boats Nice V bottomed and some of the best designed setup for a family of four in a small package. However, a little to modern looking and I prefer to take advantage of the abilities of modern building materials like epoxy. Worried these plans wont. Selway-Fisher Love the Grey Swan series but the weight per length is a big issue. Glen-L Lots of great plans but none that really fit my requirements or appeal to me personally. I have looked at lots more but this is all I have time to list. Any suggestions, feedback, or other designs I should consider?
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