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  1. This is from a MAIB article circa 1993. A WB show display. Interested in this design but all queries so far unsuccessful. Hard to read but "Coffey/Bolger" credit?? (Anyone know of this now defunct youth club in PA?) Thanks
  2. My post was poorly composed but basically I wanted to know how to find the boat pictured (actually p.61 in the book) Definitely multi-chinned. Too bad I like it a lot.
  3. The MessAbout12 plans included in the Kudzu book (2) appear to be very different from the craft pictured on p.62 introducing the chapter (which has a double chine and is 12'6"). The store Mess About renderings look to be single chined but it is hard to tell. Anyone know if the two differ and if the below is the latter version? Thanks
  4. Look up the TARN sof canoe on Youtube. Designer/builder has devised a detachable aluminum yoke for portaging. Quite light and simple.
  5. Some time ago since this was tried and I can't remember its success but couldn't a 'path' be seared down the cloth and THEN cut with heavy duty scissors?
  6. I added this to a skinned kayak. Perhaps inelegant but it works and is adjustable and removable. Fits between the keel and the central deck stringer. The only change to the kayak frame is a small wood strip glued to the top of the keel. Further explanation available if necessary.
  7. I've done it in 20ml to test a prototype before investing in polyester. Wouldn't again. Its a lot of work and could have been more easily tested with a heavy duty 'saran' wrap (lots of hdsw!) and duct tape. Clear poly aside from having little puncture resistance stretches with the lightest touch. The only slack skin I would deem cool would be on those Chinese dogs.
  8. Apropos marine ply I had been quite satisfied with Hydrotek meranti until recently when had need for more of the 4mm. The new supply noteworthy for a steep plunge in quality. Thin outer veneers and very weak inner core: I can snap it in two by hand. Measures .18 against the .15 old stock. Present project brought up short. You would think San Francisco Bay area with all it 'marine life' would have some decent okoume in the thinner forms but alas not so.
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