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Found 11 results

  1. Finished the wood work on my Kudzu Stonefly S-O-F canoe today and now preparing for the application of the fabric.
  2. I am seeing some beautiful Stonefly's launched year, can someone share a rough weight estimate. Looking for a pack canoe that can haul my 240lb self and gear for a long weekend. Fairly adapt at packing light.
  3. Finally got a chance to take the canoe out on a real backcountry camping expedition. Needed to create a removable yoke to portage (1KM) on my shoulders. Went superb. I do need a better shaped/contoured yoke, I'll do that this month so that my second trip in September is more comfortable as I will have pretty large hills to portage. I figured you folks might enjoy some pictures of the picturesque lake and the canoe (and fish). And yep the barrel contains all supplies for multiple days including tent etc/ Yoke is made with poplar (like the floorboards) and the hardware is a woodworki
  4. Launch day at the Yarra river. We call her phosphorescence. Found a canoe launching jetty on the river with the carpark only 60m away. I was first out as I figured if it is going to sink then it should be the captain who goes down with the ship. Well it didn't leak a drop nor did anyone capsize. The canoe is an absolute delight to use. Light, fast and stable and turns OK. I can see it part of the family fleet going on camping trips. Four of us had a go from 50kgs to 100kgs (I was worried about my seat but it didn't break with 100kgs) The seat is very comfortable though I will have to
  5. My Stonefly hit the water this weekend. The good news is I did not get wet, except for my feet. The craft at first was a bit tender for my experience, but I soon settled in. I like it!! Exactly what I hoped for. A canoe I can pull with my bike and take my dog Dolly. It all came together. I also want to give 5 stars to the 6 oz premium fabric Jeff sells. Takes some effort to pull it wrinkle free, but once you are there this stuff is smooth and drum tight. 4 coats of Rustoleum, and leak free. Good paddling to all, Greg
  6. Hey guys on the website and the book Jeff mentions staples with a tapered end. Are these the right ones? I just found them randomly and only one pack in the store. I've been looking around and these are all I've found. This is for the stonefly canoe.
  7. Thanks everyone for really helping with answering my questions (my many questions!). I promise I post a full write-up summarizing everything I learned as this was my first real woodworking project and post pictures. I just had a few (hopefully final) questions on the stonefly canoe: I bought WRC - I would like to get the baltic birch ply to match the WRC with a stain - any stains that would make em match? I would prefer to leave the WRC unstained. Or am I just being crazy and I can leave it? I'm thinking, WRC for gunnels/stringers, baltic birch for frames, ash for seat and thwart
  8. Hi Folks, I'm trying to build the stonefly and things are coming along nicely. I think I've even found a real Baltic birch locally! Well they may need to order it but it's definitely the real deal. My only problem is that it's 5x5 and will not fit in any vehicle I have. What size pre-cuts can I ask them to make so that it fits in my car? They are willing to do rough cuts for free but I don't know what size I can get cuts for. I might be willing to buy a second board simply because renting a larger car would be half the cost of another board and be terribly inconvenient.
  9. What would you recommend if I wanted to add a brass rub strip later? Can I staple it for now? Or must I stich it? If I stich it can I still put on a rubstrip later?
  10. Hello, I am new to the forum as well as boat building I am planning on Building a stonefly or two this summer. I have a few questions that I hope you all can answer. 1. I was looking around to see about natural simulated sinew and noticed that Amazon has 300 yeards at 70lbs on 8 oz spool (https://www.amazon.com/1-X-Natural-Simulated-Sinew/dp/B00DGBZG2C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1520221354&sr=8-1&keywords=sinue) wondering if it is bad too so up to the 70 lbs opposed to the 50lbs sold on Kudzus website? will it not sow well? has anyone else used this? 2. when orderin
  11. I could not resist sharing the traditional FROG photos of my ready to cover Stonefly Canoe. I have really enjoyed this project. Jeff, at Kudzu Craft has provided a great design as well as great customer service!! I scored big time when I found a fully curled Maple 8' 1 x 4 at Menards. My plan is to go with a simple clear coat varnish for sealing the polyester. I would like a slight amber tint so thinking using polyurethane might get me that. Is it best to go "Gloss" or "Semi-Gloss" ? I would appreciate your input. Wishing all here a safe and happy 4th of July, Greg
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