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  1. Looks like the water level got up to about 8' above MWL. I just got some pics from Taylor that show a mess under our house (expected) but no disaster. I think Alan and family did a great job of prep at the shop, still a huge mess to clean up, but he reports that the losses don't look substantial. Alan and Taylor, and Graham and Carla are back putting their world aright. Bobbie and I fared well in Chapel Hill, but I'm not sure when we'll get back out to start cleanup at this point. Travel is difficult with so many roads closed. Alan and Taylor snuck out between the surge subsiding and the rivers rising.
  2. Here are a few more from Sunday.
  3. I'd like to thank all of the participants of our Messabout for contributing your time, energy, and presence to a wonderful experience. Many of you traveled from afar, all I had to do was step out my front door. I have attached some pictures from Saturday here, print inquiries welcome.
  4. Been there, done that, as Graham's crew on the Southern Skimmer. After the cringles had been used a couple times, it was quite do-able. The first time was a bear. It is challenging, but manageable as crew if you are resonably fit. single handing woud be scary for me. - Tinker
  5. There will be more when they peel the building off. There's really no room to take a picture in there that would show more than a close-up of the tunnel between the hulls.
  6. Getting a boat the size of the EC22 down the beach and into the water with just 2 people is the major source of the struggle. I don't think the Dogbone rollers offer any advantage over a straight roller, though if rigidity and compliance could be controlled for the purpose, a roller of that basic shape might be superior. 'Ifs and buts' don't make a bag of treats.
  7. I haven't used any alternative to the Dogbone rollers crewing with Graham. They did not keep the keel in the middle of the roller as it looks like they would. They tended to roll out to one side or the other, as I suspect that straight roller would, though I have no experience with a straight roller.
  8. After struggling with the Dog-Bone rollers for 5 launches, I can say that the apparent advantage of staying aligned with the keel doesn't work in reality. The one advantage over a large fender is that they do deflate and can be stored in less space aboard that 3 adequately sized fenders.
  9. Some pictures from the Messabout, Bobbie and I had a wonderful time, looking forward to next year.
  10. That's the Bay river, not the Neuse. Coming in the Bay River, hang a right at marker '9' (4 sec. green). Look for a long 'T' shaped pier on the right. It will be the first one after the 'Punch Bowl'. 35 deg. 08' 56.36" N, 76 deg. 42' 36.27" W
  11. May is usually fine. July and August are the worst in terms of personal comfort, camping or sailing. Skin hawks are year-round, depending on current rainfall. They are what they are and are really only tortuous when combined with other adverse conditions, like oppressive heat and no wind like in July and August.
  12. I'm all for it! A real Eastern NC Pig-Pick would be a treat, I'll do some research on that. July sailing in these parts usually sucks though, wind varies from none to thunder squalls, and the official Pamlico County Bird (called mosquito's by inlanders) can be viscious. I'd vote to stay out of July!
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