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  1. Well, now I am a little mixed up. Should I remove my supports from under the boat? I guess I have to admit that they are somewhat randomly placed, kind of . I don't think I am aware of exactly how far back from the nose of the boat goes bulkhead number 1 and so on. and since the 3 supports mimic the bulkheads, and I just kind of stuck them up under the boat and screwed them into the frame before unfolding the boat, maybe that is part of the problem. Maybe they are off by a foot or more.
  2. Thanks... that is good advice. I used as cradle supports pretty much exact copies of 3 different bulkheads (I took a bulkhead and traced it onto plywood and cut it out and used the opposite piece as the support). One thing I haven't done yet is level it out. It appears that the front of the boat is way too high as compared to the back of the boat, so that front support will probably need to be lowered. I can take some more detailed pictures. Tom
  3. You can see here that I don't quite have the sides attached just right to the bottoms. Kind of gappy. Maybe moving the bulkhead around a little. Ideas??? Sorry to be so slow about this build.
  4. I finally have the boat refolded out and kind of have the temporary bulkhead wedged in.
  5. I wonder how you would fill and empty a port or stbd water ballast tank? Use a bilge pump to fill and empty the tank? Thanks
  6. Otto, yes I live I Jacksonville,Fl and yes I could use some help. Having just pulled apart a Core sound 20 that looked like a boat to repair a tear (completely my fault), I could use someone who is excited. I live on the water and usually just go out sailing instead of working. I made a special boat building shed with all kinds of lights just for this boat. I am ready to re-wire the boat and re-unfold it. I would guess that you live nearby. Let me know. Right next to the boat build is my last project, a wood fired pizza oven. Come over and let us eat pizza and drink beer and talk of boat building.
  7. Just pulled the folded hull apart to fix the torn wood. That was tough. Naturally, the tear tore even more. I now have the stbd bottom and side layed out flat on the back deck. Ended up coming apart, so I guess I will go get some really thick woven fiberglass, say a good 8 inches overlap on either side of what will now be a butt joint, as the cool finger joint is now gone. Spent some time with the newly acquired mirka arbonet sand paper stuff to clean up the joint in preparation for the butt joint. It won't be 70 degrees here till 2-3 pm today. Dangit. The boat looked so cool after the folding/unfolding process. Everything lined up perfect, except that tear. I was tempted to try a fix while it was still stitched together, but I thought I better take it apart and do it right.
  8. The joint was not starved. This was a tear in the wood at the finger joints. I am gut sure that the number of times I moved the 20ft bottom piece before unfolding was probably the culpret. No worries... I will take it apart, fix the joint and do the unfold process again. This will afford me the opportunity to get some video and photos of the unfold process, since it happens so quickly. I wasn't sure if I could avoid the taking it apart and re-unfolding, but I guess it is the right thing to do.
  9. No....I pretty much did the standard thing. Got the port side bottoms all joined together at the finger joints, till the port bottom was 20 ft long, same for starboard bottom, then same for port and starboard sides, making each 20 ft long and did them at the same time so that the bottom 20 footers were identical and the sides 20 footers were identical. Then, I cut four 14 inch strips of fiberglass tape and joined on each side the bottom to a side and let that cure. When that was done, I added square blocks to each side of the bottom/side fiberglass join to make sure that when I unfolded the boat that it wouldn't stress that 14 inch fiberglass join of bottom and side. Then , I turned over each bottom side join and added the seat stringer to the inside side of 20 side piece. Only then did I put everything back on top of each other, making sure that the 2 bottoms, port and starboard exactly lined up (same for the now partially joined sides---(20 ft sides joined to each half of bottom by a 14 inch strip of fiberglass at the nose of the boat). Then I wired to bottom together from stem to stern and unfolded. Upon unfolding, I saw that part of the finger joint located at starboard bottom between the front section of bottom and middle section of bottom had torn halfway. I would actually drill holes in this tear,and try to wire, or I could unwire the bottom join and lay the stbd bottom 20 ft section that still has the stbd 20 ft side piece still attached at the nose by a 14 inch strip of fiberglass tape flat on the ground and try to go over the torn area with a larger piece of fiberglass , both sides. Seems like alot to do, especially now that the bottom and side are joined at the nose by that 14 inch strip of tape, now well cured. It is a big floppy messy thing to move about.
  10. Actually, this is not a case of torn holes. As a CNC cut kit, the bottom pieces have cool puzzle joints to join the front bottom to the middle bottom to the aft bottom, done with thickened epoxy and no fiberglass tape (actually, those same pieces on the sides were joined using thickened epoxy and fiberglass tape, the way you would do if you did not have a cnc kit boat, and had actually scarfed your plywood, but I didn't read the directions enough and did the tape in addition to the thickened epoxy) Again, those bottom pieces were done without the benefit of tape. So, it appears that the finger joint actually tore. Center line of the two bottoms is fine where the wire ties are. It is the starboard bottom between the front stbd bottom and middle stbd bottom. It only tore halfway, from center keel line (where the two bottoms are wired together) halfway up that bottom join. So that means where the stbd bottom and stbd side meet is fine, because that part of the bottom join is still together.
  11. Hello....it has been a while since I last worked on my boat. The "unfolding" process has been more than a one person job, and life got in the way. I just unfolded the boat, and during that process, part of the stbd side bottom came unseemed. That is to say, all the bottom panels were put together per the plans, starboard bottom forward, attached to starboard bottom middle to starboard bottom aft, then same for port side bottom, then side panels, same. Then, the side panels were partially attached to the bottom panes, at the nose of the boat, then the bottoms wired together, tighter at the front, but a little looser at the stern. Well during the unfolding, the bottom stbd, at the first seem between front and middle section seem of bottom panel, came apart, halfway. I now have the plywood supports under the boat, on top of the build cart I made. The sides and bottoms are lined up and ready to be wired and the boat is now stable, kind of .... Now, I need to figure out how to fix the starboard bottom panel were in tore. Any thoughts before I screw this thing up even more? Thanks Tom
  12. Let's say you had a "friend" who forgot to put the stringers on the insides of the sides of the Core Sound before gluing the sides to the bottoms, just prior to unfolding. Now that "friend" fears that to try and lift the sides up to apply the stringer would break the now glued and dried 12-14 inch puzzle joint with fiberglass tape on both sides. Could the boat now just be stitched and unfolded and then the stringer glued in?
  13. Let's say you had a "friend" who forgot to put the stringers on the insides of the sides of the Core Sound before gluing the sides to the bottoms, just prior to unfolding. Now that "friend" fears that to try and lift the sides up to apply the stringer would break the now glued and dried 12-14 inch puzzle joint with fiberglass tape on both sides. Could the boat now just be stitched and unfolded and then the stringer glued in?
  14. Well, I guess I can let that zipper joint cure a little while longer. In my hurry to maximize my time while my super carpenter buddy was here helping me, I forgot to rip down my stringers and epoxy them to the sides. So, after he gets here today, we will rip the stringers and the inwales, and then try to lift up side bottoms and glue in the stringers. Lesson learned....plan 3 times, execute once.
  15. Sunday morning I plan to unfold my Core Sound 20. I have the two sides and bottoms glueing up now, so it should be good for the morning. I still have to wire my bottoms together, apparently loosely, then unfold. Any suggestions on the type of wire to purchase from Home Depot or Lowes? Thanks
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