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  1. The Westerbeke came with a marine transmission. We're pretty sure the ratio is either 2:1 or 2.1:1, so we are looking for a 10"x14" prop. These numbers were given a "sanity check" with the other Rescue Minor owners at the show. We think we are just about right with this set-up based on the feedback we got. What little time I worked on the boat this week was spent on the engine box. I made some real progress, but forgot the camera. Will have pictures soon. Eric, What part of Australia? We have some relatives in Wagga Wagga and over in Tasmania. Steve
  2. Karl, Wally is working on the prop and I don't know who he is getting it from. We have had a difficult time finding the prop and he found it through an internet search. More to come on that after we get it in hand. The Rescue Minors at the show were powered by the following (as I remember it): A 20 horse Kubota that was marinized (show winner) A 20 horse Yanmar marine engine. An 18 to 20 horse Yanmar tractor engine that was marinized by the owner. They all reported fuel usage in the same range of less than 1/2 gallon per hour and top speeds approaching 20 knots. The owners reported that the boats cruise best at about 12 to 13 knots. Steve
  3. Hey Paul, The wood used for the motor mounts is probably oak. It was recovered from a pallet that we had around the shop as it was just the right size and a good hardwood. Since it has no pedigree, we are just guessing on the species. Diesel fuel has a unique smell and it can be annoying in certain situations. If the fuel system is properly installed, the fuel is not spilled, and the engine is set up correctly, there should not be any annoying odors on a boat using diesel. Did I mention that these engines operate on about 1/3 gallon per hour while moving the boat at 15 to 20 knots? We were at the Perdido Wood Boat Show this past weekend and didn't get too much done on the Rescue Minor. BTW, there were three Rescue Minors at the show and they were all set up quite differently. If ours were there, there would have been four that were set up differently. This Rescue Minor won the "Best of Show." He had it set up as a Redfish boat and it was beautifully done!
  4. Westerbeke W21A. We were looking at a new Yanmar, but the cost was entirely too much for our budget. :shock: This engine was available on E-Bay and we were able to get it at a more reasonable price. I think we will be happy with it, and the price was certainly "right." :grin: I'm not sure how much we will get done this week as I am going to "Cats" (my daughter is in the Broadway tour production) in Jackson, MS Tuesday and Wednesday and the Perdido Wooden Boat Show is this weekend. We sure hated not being able to show the boat this year, but "It is what it is." Steve
  5. We had a good day today. We got the deck cut out and the bottom epoxied this week and the top epoxied today. The engine was rolled around and hoisted into the boat today. After it was in, we got the wiring harness and hoses put on. That was an adventure! Kinda like putting together an erector set without plans. Now that the engine is in, we were able to find a location for the muffler and get a mount put in place for it. We also put deck stringers under the after deck to beef it up and provide a place for the upper rudder post bearing. Here are a couple of pictures of the boat taken this morning.
  6. After a busy week not working on the boat, we got the better part of the afternoon to work on the boat today. We were able to get the foredeck cut out, the side decks on, the floors for the deck installed, and the fuel tank mounts in place. We also brought the motor to the site and are readying it for placement into the boat. Here are a couple of pics of the boat as it is this afternoon. The stuff on the side decks is to hold them in place while epoxy is curing.
  7. I took these yesterday afternoon when we got the second half of the foredeck glued in place. The sandbags are off now and the edges are trimmed to the hull. More to come.
  8. Frank, I don't know enough about these software packages to provide good input. I have voted to use whatever you select. I was wondering why we were offline last night. Steve
  9. The official web site for Robb is http://www.robbwhite.com/index.html. Perhaps you can find what you are looking for there. We are building a "standard" Rescue Minor right now. That is partly because of the comments that Robb wrote in Messing About in Boats. He was a treasure and we all miss him. Steve
  10. I was just checking dates for the Florida 120 tonight. Unfortunately, I am committed to an Emmaus Walk that weekend and will not be available to go on the 120. It is a disappointment for both Gina and I as we had fun on the last trip. Maybe next year. :-( Steve
  11. John, Are you planning to paint the foredeck, or finish it bright? We are in the process of putting our foredeck on, but are being careful to not put any holes in the decking, with the intention of finishing it bright, which makes it a bit challenging to glue in place. You are really looking good! I really want to see pictures of her sailing and you're getting closer every day. Keep up the good work, Steve
  12. This week wasn't much better than the last one. I was working over at West Marine 4 days - which is more than I bargained for when I agreed to work there. I had to remind them that I only signed on for two to three days a week. We did get half of the foredeck glued in place today. We also "dry fit" the floors for the interior decking. We are in the process of procuring shaft, prop, rudder, plumbing, and electrical for the engine installation and hope to start on that stuff soon. Here are a couple of shots of the foredeck and floors:
  13. Greg, I hear you! We had to slow down quite a bit on the Rescue Minor due to the really cold (for here) and long winter also. Really tough when the weather gets in the way of boat construction! :sad: We had enough delay that we will not be able to take the Rescue Minor to the Perdido Wood Boat Festival this year. A real bummer! :sad: :sad: Glad to see that you are starting back up on the work. I like the sign! That's a really good thing. Steve
  14. We took a trip on the big boat last weekend and did not get a chance to work on the project as much as we wanted. We did work on it a bit on Sunday and I got the deck frames epoxied in place today. Here are a couple of pics of the deck supports.
  15. Hey Everyone, We had a good day today. We got the mounting beams for the engine in place and the shaft tube installed in the boat. We're still working on epoxy coating the unfinished portions of the interior, but we almost have that completed too. Next step is to get the prop shaft and prop in place and the engine installed. Here are some pictures of the boat taken today.
  16. Paul, The panels were coated on both sides before assembly, so you are correct. We have a little work to coat all of the ribs, but that is minor compared to having to coat all of the inside of the hull. We are now starting to work on the all of the little details we were not able to do with the boat upside down. Steve
  17. Hey Guys, We made a milestone tonight! :D We turned the boat over and she is now right-side up. Here are a couple of shots of the boat:
  18. Here is the boat with the second coat of bottom paint on and the masking removed. After a day of curing, we will be set to turn her over. A major milestone is imminent! :grin: :grin: :cool:
  19. Hey Scott, What is that in the background of your last picture? Kinda looks like "Queequags Coffin" with some sort of bedsheet sail on it. BTW, it looks like the "Coffin" is coming along quite well. I would be willing to bet it will be fun to sail. Are you planning lee boards for her? Whatever you bring, I'm sure you will have a good time. I hope the winds are a little more favorable for what we plan to do. Last year's beat upwind was a bit of a challenge. Steve
  20. We have bottom paint on her!! :grin: :grin: One or two more coats, some cure time, and we can turn her over. We are looking for that to happen later this week. Here are Pics:
  21. Well said, Peter. Graham is a great gift to the US from Australia. We love him! Steve
  22. We got the first color coat on the boat from the waterline up. It looks pretty good, in our estimation. We used Brightside Steel Gray for the color. It went on quite easily and the "roll and tip" method provided a nice finish. 2nd coat coming tomorrow. Here are a couple of pictures of the boat after paint this morning: :grin: :grin:
  23. Al, I find myself spending some time just contemplating the project almost every time I work on it. On the present project, I have a co-conspirator (co-builder) and he and I find ourselves spending a while just sitting around and talking about the build and what we plan to do next. I find the process very fulfilling and a lot of fun. To others that haven't build projects like these, that might appear odd, but that is the real essence of the process, IMHO. :grin: Comment on galvanized staples and fasteners - I don't use them because of the salt water environment. You would be surprized at how fast and easily corrosion appears on galvanized fasteners, even though they are encased in epoxy. I would not use them on any build I am doing. Have a great build! Steve
  24. Mike, I'm sending you a personal e-mail in a few minutes. I got the second coat of primer on the boat today and we are planning to apply color coat tomorrow. "Turn-over" time is fast approaching. Right now, we are planning to get the "loaded water line" on the hull. Then masking and painting first color coat, with the second color coat on Sunday. Maybe bottom paint next week and turn over after that. Anybody in the area interested in helping us turn it over? I think we have a can or two of beer around to help folks enjoy the occasion (after we get it turned). Steve
  25. John, They drive on the other side of the road in Australia, too. I think they just sit on the other side of the tiller over there. :wink: Steve
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